Iva Parvanova

Iva Parvanova

PhD student

Department of Health Policy

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Bulgarian, English, German, Russian
Key Expertise
Economics of corruption, Conflicts of interests, Economic experiments

About me

Iva's ESRC-funded doctoral research looks at corrupt and informal practices between doctors and patients in healthcare. Her works spans various geographical regions and utilizes a vast range of methodological approaches. She uses econometric and lab experimental techniques to understand the role of social norms in driving corruption, reciprocity and favouritism in the presence of scarce resources across countries in Eastern Europe. Moreover, she uses survey framing to understand biases related to measurements of corruption in healthcare. Additionally, together with Arianna Gentilini she works on conflicts of interest between the pharmaceutical industry and patient organizations in high-income countries. This work has been published in top-ranked peer-reviewed journals such as the BMJ and BMJ Open. It has also received media coverage by the Observer.

Currently, Iva is supporting Transparency International’s Global Health Program in several projects related to health data governance and falsified medicines. She is also the Coordinator for the Behaviour and Society Working Group at the Young Scholars Initiative of the Institute for New Economic Thinking and is an active member of the Interdisciplinary Corruption Research Network. Prior to joining the Department, Iva worked with the Institute for New Economic Thinking, University of Aberdeen’s Health Economics Research Unit and the Bulgarian Ministry of Health. Iva holds an MA in Economics with Honors from the University of Glasgow and an MSc in International Health Economics from the LSE, for which she received the Brian Abel Smith Award for best overall performance.


Dissertation title:

Essays on corruption in healthcare


Dissertation supervisors:

Dr Mylene Lagarde, Dr Irene Papanicolas 



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  • Parvanova, I., Gentilini, A., Cushing, J., & Naci, H. (2023). Safeguarding NICE from patient groups’ conflicts of interest. BMJ381., doi: https://doi.org/10.1136/bmj.p1243 
  • Gentilini, A and Parvanova, I (2023) Industry funding of patient organisations in the United Kingdom: a retrospective study of commercial determinants, funding concentration and disease prevalence. BMJ Open, doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.1136/bmjopen-2022-071138