The Department's COVID-19 experts

We are seeing the mechanisms of global health security spring into action to respond to the Coronavirus; the problem is that after years of underinvestment we, as a global community, are still not prepared for a “big one”. Even strong heath systems may struggle, and where does that leave weak health systems across the global south? - Dr Clare Wenham


Professor Elias Mossialos

Professor Elias Mossialos
Deputy Head of Department and Director of LSE Health

Professor Mossialos is Adviser to the Greek Government on managing the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Professor Mossialos’ research focus is comparative health systems and policy, addressing questions related to health reforms, financing health care, and the impact of EU law on health care systems and policy. His commentary on COVID-19 includes ensuring equitable access to vaccines by making them a global public good, and on the key lessons governments and international institutions must draw from the pandemic so far: its causes, consequences and policy responses.

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Clare W 2

Dr Clare Wenham
Assistant Professor of Global Health Policy

Dr Wenham specialises in global health security and the politics and policy of pandemic preparedness and outbreak response. She has researched this for over a decade, through influenza, Ebola and Zika, ranging from questions of global governance, role of WHO and World Bank, national priorities and innovative financing for pandemic control. More recently she has been examining the role of women in epidemics and associated policy. For COVID-19 Clare is Co-PI on a CIHR grant analysing the gendered dimensions of the outbreak.

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