Our research

The Coronavirus represents an enormous challenge to global society. On this page, we bring together examples of our research papers and policy proposals, which can inform governments' and non-governmental organisations' policy responses to the consequences of the epidemic.

Informing the policy response to COVID-19


Explicitly Sexing Health Security: Analysing the Downstream Effects of Panama's Sex-Segregated COVID-19 Disease Control Policy (Health Policy and Planning), Clare Wenham et al

Drawing light from the pandemic: Rethinking strategies for health policy and beyond (Health Policy), Rebecca Forman, Elias Mossialos et al

Coordinating action: lessons form early COVID-19 responses in five african countries (WHO Regional Office for Africa), African Health Observatory - Platform on Health Systems and Policies

Containment strategies: lessons from early COVID-19 responses in five African countries (WHO Regional Office for Africa), African Health Observatory - Platform on Health Systems and Policies 

COVID-19 vaccine mandate for healthcare workers in the United States: a social justice policy (Expert Review of Vaccines), Rebecca Forman, Elias Mossialos et al

The EU Response to COVID-19: From Reactive Policies to Strategic Decision-Making (Journal of Common Market Studies), Rebecca Forman, Elias Mossialos

Mental Health Issues in the COVID-19 Pandemic and Responses in Bangladesh: View Point of Media Reporting (Frontiers), David McDaid et al

Early social distancing policies in Europe, changes in mobility & COVID-19 case trajectories: Insights from Spring 2020 (PLOS ONE), Liana Woskie et al

Why we Need a Gender Advisor on SAGE (LSE PPR), Clare Wenham et al

Fatal Underfunding? Explaining COVID-19 Mortality in Spanish Nursing Homes (Journal of Aging and Health), Joan Costa-i-Font et al

Problems with traffic light approaches to public health emergencies of international concern (The Lancet), Clare Wenham et al

The UK Health and Care Bill: failure to address fundamental issues of coverage and funding (The Lancet), Michael Anderson, Emma Pitchforth, Alistair McGuire, Elias Mossialos

Rethinking policy priorities in the light of pandemics: a call to action (Pan-European Commission on Health and Sustainable Development), Elias Mossialos et al.

Do Men and Women “Lockdown” Differently? Examining Panama’s Covid-19 Sex-Segregated Social Distancing Policy (Feminist Economics), Liana Woskie & Clare Wenham 

Challenges in ensuring global access to COVID-19 vaccines: production, affordability, allocation, and deployment (The Lancet), Olivier Wouters

Promoting versatile vaccine development for emerging pandemics (Nature), Joshua Monrad (MSc student)

COVID-19 and the collapse of global trade: building an effective public health response (Lancet Planet Health), Pepita Barlow

The Need for Novel Approaches in Assessing the Value of COVID-19 Vaccines (American Journal of Public Health), Aris Angelis

COVID-19 and the Gendered Use of Emojis on Twitter: Infodemiology Study (JMIR Publications), Clare Wenham

Strengthen Gender Mainstreaming in WHO's pandemic preparedness and response (Women in Global Health, Gender and COVID-19 project), Clare Wenham

Producing and using timely comparative evidence on drugs: lessons from clinical trials for covid-19 (BMJ), Huseyin Naci

What is the future of UK leadership in global health security post Covid‐19? (IPPR Progressive Review), Clare Wenham

Why the COVID-19 response needs International Relations (International Affairs, Chatham House), Clare Wenham and Sara Davies

What do countries need to do to implement effective find, test, trace, isolate and support systems? (Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine), Selina Rajan, Jon Cylus, Martin McKee

Time to strengthen capacity in infectious disease control at the European level (International Journal of Infectious Diseases), Michael Anderson, Elias Mossialos

Ensuring access and affordability through COVID-19 vaccine research and development investments: a proposal for the Options Market for Vaccines (Vaccine)Rebecca Forman, Michael Anderson, Elias Mossialos, Mark Jit

The indirect impact of COVID-19 on woman (The Lancet), Clare Wenham et al. 

Gender and Covid-19 (Gender Working Group), Clare Wenham et al.

Preventing and managing COVID-19 across long-term care services: Policy brief, 24 July 2020 (World Health Organization), Adelina Comas-Herrera et al.

Spotlight on gender, Covid-19 and the SDGs: will the pandemic derail hard-won progress on gender equality? (UN Women), Clare Wenham et al.

Effectiveness of Government Policies in Response to the COVID-19 Outbreak (SSRN), Elias Mossialos et al.

How to strengthen a health research system: WHO's review, whose literature and who is providing leadership? (Health Research Policy and Systems), Lucy Kanya et al.

COVID-19 and inequality: are we all in this together? (Canadian Journal of Public Health),  Miqdad Asaria et al.

Developing a sustainable exit strategy for COVID-19: health, economic and public policy implications (Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine)Michael Anderson, Elias Mossialos et al.

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on cancer care (Nature)Michael Anderson, Elias Mossialos et al.

12 Lessons Learned from the Management of the Coronavirus Pandemic (Health Policy)Rebecca Forman, Elias Mossialos et al.

Cuba y seguridad sanitaria mundial: Cuba's role in global health security (BMJ)Dr Clare Wenham et al.

BAME COVID-19 deaths - What do we know? Rapid Data and Evidence Review (CEBM), Dr Miqdad Asaria et al.

Covid-19 exposes weaknesses in European response to outbreaks (BMJ), Professor Elias Mossialos, Professor Martin McKee & Dr Michael Anderson.

Mosquitoes and COVID-19 are a ticking time bomb for Latin America (Latin American and Caribbean blog, LSE), Dr Clare Wenham et al.

The oversecuritization of global health: changing the terms of debate (International Affairs), Dr Clare Wenham.

Governing Ebola: between global health and medical humanitarianism (Globalizations), Dr Clare Wenham and Dr Sophie Harman (Queen Mary University London).

Global health security and universal health coverage: from a marriage of convenience to a strategic, effective partnership (BMJ Global Health), Dr Clare Wenham et al.

Pandemic Emergency Financing Facility: struggling to deliver on its innovative promise (BMJ), Dr Clare Wenham and Bangin Brim.

Zika, abortion and health emergencies: a review of contemporary debates (Globalization and Health), Dr Clare Wenham et al.

The ‘Netflix plus model’: can subscription financing improve access to medicines in low- and middle-income countries? (Health Economics, Policy and Law), Professor Elias Mossialos et al.

Incorporating Non-Expert Evidence into Surveillance and Early Detection of Public Health Emergencies (Social Science in Humanitarian Action), Dr Stephen Roberts.

Summary of international policy measures to limit impact of COVID19 on people who rely on the Long-Term Care sector (LTC COVID), Dr Adelina Comas-Herrera and Jose-Luis Fernandez-Plotka (CPEC, LSE).

Global disparities in health financing systems (Health & Place), Dr Pepita Barlow.

Signals, Signs and Syndromes: Tracing [Digital] Transformations in European Health Security (European Journal of Risk Regulation), Dr Stephen Roberts.

Covid-19: The Gendered Impacts of the Outbreak (The Lancet), Dr Clare Wenham et al.

Covid-19 in Latin America (The Lancet), Dr Clare Wenham et al.

Modelling can only tell us so much: politics explains the rest (The Lancet), Dr Clare Wenham et al.

Health system, public health, and economic implications of managing COVID-19 from a cardiovascular perspective (European Heart Journal), Professor Elias Mossialos, Dr Michael Anderson et al.