Political Theory Group

Researching political theory and philosophy

Research Pillar(s): Political Theory and Philosophy

About: LSE is a leading centre for the study of political theory and philosophy, constituting one of the UK's largest concentrations of researchers in this area and related fields. The Political Theory Group in the Department of Government maintains close relations with political theorists and philosophers in other parts of the School, for example in the Departments of Law, Philosophy, and International Relations.

The Group is characterised by a vibrant research culture, centred around an active doctoral programme and a highly regarded external speaker series. Members of the group also deliver research-led teaching on the Department’s programmes of study at undergraduate, postgraduate and research-level.

One of the Group's key assets is the breadth and diversity of interests and expertise, including:

  • Contemporary moral philosophy and political theory
  • History of political thought
  • Comparative political theory
  • Philosophy of social science
  • Rational and social choice theory

Members: Dr Paul Apostolidis, Prof Leigh Jenco, Prof Paul Kelly, Dr Mathias Koenig-Archibugi, Dr Bruno Leipold, Prof Anne Phillips, Prof Kai Spiekermann, Prof Lea Ypi

Political Philosophy Seminar Series: The Political Theory Group invites domestic and international guest speakers to present and discuss papers. The seminar is attended by staff members, and PhD students from the Department of Government. Visitors are welcome for online seminars. 

All seminars take place Thursday 16.00 to 18.00 in the Thai Theatre (New Academic Building) or online unless otherwise stated.

Speakers will have the option to pre-circulate their papers; if you would like to receive a copy of the paper, subscribe to the mailing list. To subscribe, see the instructions below or email Sarah Goff for assistance (

Seminar Convener(s): Dr Sarah Goff, Prof Lea Ypi

The Political Theory Research Group also run a Doctoral Research workshop for the Department’s MRes/PhD students: Political Theory Doctoral Workshop

Upcoming Seminars

Michaelmas Term

30 September 2021 | Online presentation
Catherine Lu (McGill): Representing Humanity: Addressing Colonial Alienation in Museums

7 October 2021
Helen Brown Coverdale (UCL): Punishment, Equality and Situated Risk 

14 October 2021
Jeff Spinner-Halev (UNC): Democratic Equality and the Respect Paradox

28 October 2021
Martin Ajei (University of Ghana): Conceptual Blindspots in the Discourse on Sustainable Development: An African Philosophical Perspective

11 November 2021
Francisco Garcia-Gibson (LSE): Climate political action 

2 December 2021 | Postponed
Samuel Hayat (CNRS): Popular Republicanism, from Rousseau to the Yellow Vests

9 December 2021
Annelien de Dijn (Utrecht): Reflections on the History of Freedom 

Lent Term 

20 January 2022 | Online presentation
Camila Vergara (Cambridge): Officers of the People: Plebeian Institutions for the 21st Century

3 March 2022
Kasper Lippert-Rasmussen (University of Aarhus): Discrimination and moral equality of persons: Why we can oppose the former for egalitarian reasons and nevertheless reject the latter

17 March 2022
Jahel Queralt (Pompeu Fabra University): The Goods (and Bads) of Self-Employment

Summer Term 

5 May 2022
Samuel Hayat (CNRS): Popular Republicanism, from Rousseau to the Yellow Vests

26 May 2022 | This seminar will take place in the Alumni Theatre, NAB
Tony Oyowe (University of the Western Cape): Does oppression de-personalize its victims?

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