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Conflict Research Group

Examining the causes and dynamics of violent conflict

Research Pillar(s): Conflict

The Conflict Research Group (CRG) is a multi-disciplinary research and consultancy unit. Its members include leading experts in conflict-related research from five of LSE's academic departments, including Government, International Relations, Sociology, the Methodology Institute, and the European Institute.

The CRG provides expertise on the causes and dynamics of violent conflict, and the policy responses to it, whether in democratic or authoritarian states.

Our activities are supported by the LSE Department of Government.

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Members: Prof Steffen Hertog, Prof James Hughes, Dr Ryan Jablonski, Dr Bill Kissane


2011 Summer of Disorder: reading the English riots ten years after 

Tuesday 30 March 2021
Speaker: Tim Newburn, Professor of Criminology and Social Policy 
Chair: John Sidel, Sir Patrick Gillam Chair in International and Comparative Politics

This online event was live streamed on the LSE Government YouTube channel.

How much danger is American democracy in?

Thursday 11 February 2021
Speaker: Brian Klaas, Associate Professor of Global Politics, UCL
Chair: Bill Kissane, Associate Professor (Reader) in Politics, Department of Government, LSE

New insights on where and why journalists are killed outside major wars

Thursday 16 November 2017
Speaker: Sabine Carey, Professor of Political Science, University of Mannheim
Chair: Dr Livia Schubiger, Assistant professor in Comparative Politics, Department of Government, LSE

Nations Torn Asunder

Thursday 23 February 2017
Speakers: Dr Bill Kissane (LSE Government) and Anthony Loyd (Journalist)
Chair: Dr Denisa Kostovicova

Listen to the podcast of this event

How Has Violent Political Conflict Changed Over the Last Two Centuries?

Thursday 19 May 2016
Speaker: Prof. Stathis N. Kalyvas, Yale
Dr Kieran Mitton, Department of War Studies, KCL

Rape as a Practice of War: Towards a Typology of Political Violence

Thursday 19 May 2016
Speaker: Prof. Elisabeth Jean Wood, Yale
Discussant: Dr Kieran Mitton, Department of War Studies, KCL
Chair: Dr des. Livia Schubiger, Department of Government, LSE