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British Government@LSE

Promoting research on British Government across the LSE

British Government@LSE is an initiative based in the LSE Department of Government to promote and develop research on British Government across the LSE.

Why British Government@LSE?

The LSE has always been closely involved in the study, advice and development of British Government. Many of our graduates have moved into careers in civil and public service as well as politics, and many of our most notable Professors have contributed to the understanding and development of British Government and politics.


UK Elections 2016 (series on GovBlog)

In the run up to the elections in May  2016, and during the subsequent EU Referendum, British Government@LSE posted a series of articles by experts in the field to preview and analyse each of these critical contests.

The 2016 sub-national elections in Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, London and England were important both for how public services are administered, and as a reflection of the landscape of British Politics. The EU Referendum held in June 2016 marked a watershed moment, ushering in 'Brexit' as arguably the defining political issue in British politics today.

This series gives a snapshot of a unique moment in British politics.

Read the series in full on GovBlog (The Department of Government blog)

GV311: British Government (watch lecture videos)

The GV311: British Government course provides an introduction to contemporary British government, the institutions involved and processes of policy-making, with lectures given by expert speakers from within the LSE and outside. By the end of the course, students will have a practical understanding of the entire system of British government and the influences that affect it.

Throughout the 2013/14 and 2014/15 academic years the course lectures were filmed and are available to watch in full online

Watch full lecture videos online

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