About our research

We are a leading department for political science research in the UK, and a leading research centre in Europe and the world.

We are a thriving research community that exists to understand the nature of politics and the institutions of government, and to disseminate knowledge of these subjects through publication, teaching, policy, impact and public engagement.

Our experts are actively researching in key areas that we call our ‘six pillars’. Through independent research, interdisciplinary projects, collaboration via research networks, partnerships, funded research grants, and enterprise and innovation projects, we are striving to solve the most pressing political questions and problems of our time.

 Diagram showing the 6 LSE Government Research Pillars.

The Department of Government's Research Pillars are: 'Comparative and area studies', 'Conflict', 'Political Behaviour and Political Psychology', 'Political Economy and Institutional Analysis', 'Political Theory and Philosophy' and 'Public Policy and Adminidtration'

The majority of our researchers are working on ideas and with colleagues from a number of these disciplinary areas.