Dr Janne Tukiainen

Dr Janne Tukiainen

Visiting Professor

Department of Government

+44 (0)207 955 5385
Office Hours
Thursdays 14:00 - 16:00
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Key Expertise
Industrial Organization, Political Economics

About me

Janne Tukiainen is a visiting professor of political science in the Department of Government at the London School of Economics and Political Science. He obtained his PhD at the University of Helsinki in economics in 2009. Since then he has been working at VATT institute for economic research in Finland where he is currently an associate research professor. He is interested in both academic and policy work in industrial organization, political economics, public procurement and political science. He is an associate editor of International Tax and Public Finance.

Tukiainen’s research consists of theoretical work, structural estimation of theoretical models, testing theoretical models, econometric methodology and applied empirical work using natural and field experiments. Among his main substantive interests is the strategic behaviour of parties, politicians and voters and how such behaviour reflects in actual policy making.

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Research interests

  • Election systems
  • Municipal mergers
  • Political selection
  • Political representation
  • Public procurement

Teaching responsibilities

  • GV482: Political Science and Political Economy: Advanced Topics
  • PP478: Political science for public policy

Selected publications

  • Meriläinen, J., Tukiainen, J. (2018) Rank Effects in Open-list Elections. Public Choice (accepted)
  • Hyytinen, A., Meriläinen, J., Saarimaa, T., Toivanen, O. and Tukiainen, J. (2018) When Does Regression Discontinuity Design Work? Evidence from Random Election Outcomes. Quantitative Economics 9, 1019-1051.
  • Hyytinen, A., Meriläinen, J., Saarimaa, T., Toivanen, O. and Tukiainen, J. (2018) Public Employees as Politicians: Evidence from Close Elections. American Political Science Review, 112(1): 68-81.
  • Tukiainen, J. (2017). The Effects of Minimum Bid Increments in Internet Auctions: Evidence from a Field Experiment. Journal of Industrial Economics 65, 597-622.
  • Saarimaa, Tuukka – Tukiainen, Janne (2016). Local Representation and Strategic Voting: Evidence from Electoral Boundary Reforms. European Journal of Political Economy 41, 31–45.
  • Saarimaa, T. and Tukiainen, J. (2015) Common Pool Problems in Voluntary Municipal Mergers. European Journal of Political Economy, 38: 140-152.
  • Hyytinen, A., Saarimaa, T. and Tukiainen, J. (2014) Electoral vulnerability and size of local governments: Evidence from voting on municipal mergers. Journal of Public Economics, 120: 193-204.
  • Saarimaa, Tuukka – Tukiainen, Janne (2014). I Don’t Care to Belong to Any Club That Will Have Me as a Member: Empirical Analysis of Municipal Mergers. Political Science Research and Methods 2, 97–117.