Vincent Harting

Vincent Harting

PhD Candidate

Department of Government

English, Spanish
Key Expertise
Marxism, Normative Political Theory, Democratic and Constitutional Theory

About me

Thesis: 'Marxian Constitutionalism and the Politics of Anti-Oligarchy'

Against the background of the strong tendencies of representative governments to degenerate into oligarchic plutocracies, my thesis defends that the Marxist tradition has distinctively valuable resources for helping us to re-think how to realize the egalitarian aspirations of democratic constitutionalism. In particular, I argue that popular democrats should invest themselves in the quest for building institutions which exclusively empower economically oppressed classes towards a full realization of collective self-rule, and explain why this kind of institutional arrangement is, for several reasons, desirable.

Selected publications

“Distributive sufficiency, inequality-blindness and disrespectful treatment,” in Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy, 2021. Available online:

Research interests

  • Analytical Marxism
  • Republicanism
  • Theories of Social Class
  • Theories of the State
  • Transitional Theory

Teaching record

  • Introduction to Political Theory (GV100) - 2021/22
  • Contemporary Political Theory (GV262) - 2020/21