Luis Bosshart

Luis Bosshart

PhD Candidate

Department of Government

English, French, German
Key Expertise
Political Economy, Causal Inference

About me

Thesis: 'Essays in coming to terms with the past: Transitional justice and memory in postwar Germany'

Forgive and forget or punish and remember? In some form, every political transition forces this dilemma upon those who persist. Some dig into their past, others dig a hole and bury it. In my dissertation, I present empirical essays on postwar Germany, which attempt to make progress on this dilemma. The first essay exploits plausibly exogenous variation in the border drawing of the Allied occupation zones to document how differences in denazification led to differences in voting behavior over time. A second essay uses variation in the transmission of a Holocaust documentary in 1979 and shows that the TV-show reduced the trend in far-right votes.

Research interests

  • Political Economy
  • Causal Inference

Selected publications

  • Mass Media of Remembering: The role of TV in coming to terms with the Nazi past [Working Paper]
  • Remnants of Fascism: The Legacy of the post-WWII Occupation [Working Paper]

Teaching record

  • GV249 Research Design (Undergraduate)
  • GV499 Quantitative Dissertation Support (Graduate)