Jan Henrik Wasserziehr

Jan Henrik Wasserziehr

PhD Candidate

Department of Government

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English, German, Spanish
Key Expertise
Political Theory, Ethics of Technology & AI, Philosophy of Mind

About me

Thesis: 'The Death of the Modern Self: The Technological Remaking of Humanity as a Philosophical Problem'

My thesis explores the politico-philosophical implications of contemporary technological change. I argue that both our conceptions of values and our self-conception as rational beings are in flux due to digitization and AI, destabilizing specifically modernist conceptions of freedom, rationality, and the person. Emphasizing the co-emergent nature of human being and technology as well as technology’s impact on human cognition and ability, I call for a subject-centred approach to technology ethics which recognizes the systemic dimensions of technological change and transcends modes of analyses that prioritize individual artifacts and inventions.

Research interests

  • Political Theory
  • Philosophy of Technology
  • Philosophy of Mind
  • Philosophy and Ethics of AI

Teaching record

GV100 – Introduction to Political Theory (2023/24)


Professor Katrin Flikschuh (Supervisor) and Professor Lea Ypi (Advisor)