Emma Obermair

Emma Obermair

PhD Candidate

Department of Government

English, French, German, Italian
Key Expertise
Democratic theory, Political philosophy of science, Values in science

About me

Thesis: 'Critically rethinking scientific production'

Emma’s research is situated in the political philosophy of science. This burgeoning literature discusses the political implications of the philosophy of science argument that science is value-laden, particularly regarding its impacts on democracy. Emma’s thesis aims to, firstly, add a critical perspective by contextualizing the political philosophy of science arguments within capitalism. Here it asks the question: How does specifically capitalist value-laden science impact democracy? Secondly, she hopes to develop several prescriptive non-reformist reforms, including a democratic precautionary principle for scientific and technological development and a global mini-public for setting research priorities.

Research interests

  • Democratic theory
  • Political philosophy of science
  • Values in science
  • Critical theory

Teaching record

  • GV262: Contemporary Political Theory