Emma Obermair

Emma Obermair

PhD Candidate

Department of Government

English, French, German, Italian
Key Expertise
Democratic theory, Philosophy of (social) science, Critical theory

About me

Thesis: 'Democratic equality, neoliberal capitalism and uncertainty: Critically rethinking scientific production'

Emma's research identifies the tension between value-laden science and democratic equality as a point of departure. It then aims to make two contributions. Firstly, it hopes to contextualize the tension between democracy and science within the present political economy of scientific production, i.e., neoliberal capitalism and the knowledge economy, as well as within the current context characterized by heightened uncertainty and risk. The hypothesis is that this context exacerbates the tension between democracy and science. Secondly, the research aims to develop prescriptive non-reformist reforms to counter the exacerbated tension, including a global mini-public for setting research priorities.

Research interests

  • Marxism and critical theory 
  • Democratic theory 
  • Social epistemology and philosophy of (social) science

Teaching record

  • GV262: Contemporary Political Theory