Professor Chun Lin

Professor Chun Lin

Emeritus Professor in Comparative Politics

Department of Government

Key Expertise
Chinese Politics, Asian Politics, Historical Sociology, Communism

About me

Lin Chun is Professor in Comparative Politics Emeritus. She was educated and worked in China before taking a scholarship to study in England. She received a doctorate from the University of Cambridge in history and political science, and subsequently conducted teaching and research including in the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton. At the LSE since 1995, she has taught a diverse range of modules at all levels. Her scholarship is in the areas across historical sociology, political economy, post/communist studies, social theory, and non-western regional politics.

Lin Chun is the author of The British New Left (1993; Japanese translation 1999), The Transformation of Chinese Socialism (2006; Spanish translation 2008), China and Global Capitalism (2013; Spanish translation 2015), and Revolution and Counterrevolution in China (2021) among other books. She is also editor or coeditor of eight volumes. Her many articles appear in journals, books, and other outlets, and in various languages. She has served on multiple international steering, editorial, and book prize committees as well as other collaborative projects among her many intellectual and professional engagements.


Research interests

  • Modern Chinese and Asian politics, culture and political economy
  • Historical sociology and comparative developments
  • Communist and postcommunist studies
  • Critical social theory: Marxism, democracy, feminism, basic income and the future of work

Selected publications

  • ‘Red finance: the wartime communist market experience in China’ (Phenomenal World, Mar 2023).
  • ‘China’s market reform debate’, Development and Change, 54:2, Mar 2023
  • Revolution and Counterrevolution in China, Verso, 2021
  • ‘In lieu of an introduction’ (with Mobo Gao), in Yang Songlin, Telling the Truth: China's GLF, Household Registration and the Famine Death Tally, Palgrave 2021
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  • ‘China’s new globalism’, Socialist Register 2019
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  • ‘Modernity and the violence of global accumulation: the case of ethnic question in China’, in Breno Bringel and Mauricio Domingues, eds. Contestations of Global Modernity, Sage, 2015
  • ‘Rethinking land reform: comparative lessons from China and India’, in Mahmood Mamdani, ed. The Land Question: Capitalism, Socialism, and the Market, MISR, 2015
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  • ‘Socialist China model or capitalism with Chinese characteristics?’, Sunny Research Advance, 2011-28
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