How To Be A Liberal

Hosted by the Department of Government

Online public event


Ian Dunt

Ian Dunt

Author and Political Journalist


Simon Hix

Simon Hix

Harold Laski Professor of Political Science

From Viktor Orban in Hungary, to Brexit in Britain, to Donald Trump in America, nationalists are launching an all-out assault on liberal values. In this online public lecture, political journalist Ian Dunt tells the story of liberalism, from its birth in the fight against absolute monarchy to the modern-day resistance against the new populism.

In a soaring narrative that stretches from the battlefields of the English Civil War to the 2008 financial crash and beyond, he'll explain the political ideas which underpin the modern world. 

Prospect magazine said: 'A journalist who has come to prominence on Twitter as a staunch critic of Brexit, Dunt has delved into heavy academic theory and interpreted it in an accessible manner for the ordinary reader. He describes liberalism as “an enormous, boisterous, confounding bloody thing,” and writes passionately in its favour, as a counterweight to ignorance and populism. This book is required reading for anyone interested in politics and philosophy.'

Ian Dunt (@IanDunt) is editor of He specialises in issues around immigration, civil liberties and social justice and appears as a pundit on BBC TV, Sky News and Al-Jazeera. He is a regular contributor to two podcasts: Remainiacs and The Bunker. 

Simon Hix (@simonjhix) is Pro-Director for Research and Harold Laski Professor of Political Science in the Department of Government at LSE.

How To Be A Liberal by Ian Dunt is available to purchase via Canbury Press with a 20% discount using the code LSEHTBAL2020. 

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