MSc Human Geography and Urban Studies (Research)

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Human geography and urban studies have become the most dynamic areas of the social sciences, drawing together concerns with space, economy, society and the environment.

The programme is primarily for people who intend to carry out a research oriented career

This programme is aimed at students who, having successfully completed an undergraduate degree in Geography or a similar social science subject, now require a more focused introduction to human geographical research; primarily as a way of preparing for study at PhD level.

The course aims to provide an understanding of the key themes of contemporary geographical thought and to develop an appreciation of the methodological implications of such theoretical developments. Students are able to develop a substantive field of research interest.

Entry to the programme can either be on a stand alone basis (as a student on the 12-month Master's programme), or as part of a 1+3 programme (with progression to the MPhil/PhD open to those who gain an overall merit grade in MSc Human Geography Research, plus a mark of at least 65 in the dissertation component). Students taking the MSc on a stand alone basis will need to make a separate application if they wish to pursue an MPhil/PhD programme.

We currently have two places available for ESRC 1+3 quota studentships for UK/EU residents only. If you wish to be considered for this you will have to make it clear in your personal statement. You will also have to provide a preliminary account of your proposed research.

If the quota of studentships have already been allocated, or if you are an overseas applicant (non-EU), you can still apply for the 1+3 option; you will need to make this clear in your personal statement and include a research proposal. In this case, however, you will need to obtain funding elsewhere.

Is MSc Human Geography and Urban Studies (Research) for you?

It is if you are amongst the top students in your year-group, and you are excited about human geography and its application to research. You will have excellent grades in either human geography or a closely allied social science subject.

The programme is primarily for people who intend to carry out a research oriented career applying the skills and insights of human geography. Many will subsequently register for a PhD at LSE or elsewhere. Others will go on to use their research skills in work with public or private agencies delivering services associated with either social or economic development, or environmental management.

Student testimonials

Philip Tester


Why did you choose the course/LSE? I chose the course because it gave me the opportunity to develop my research skills and broaden my understanding of key issues in urban geography. The outstanding reputation of the LSE was a huge plus.

What has been the highlight of your LSE experience? The LSE community is incredibly diverse, with students from all corners of the world. This makes for interesting and engaging conversations both in seminars and the local pub!

How are you planning to use your degree for your future career? I hope to use the knowledge and skills gained from the course in the fields of urban planning or market research. 

Sum up your experience in 3 words: World class education. 


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