Double Master's Degree in Urban Policy

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A unique programme devoted to urban governance.

This selective bilingual programme will enable students to develop an understanding of the political, economic & social issues raised by urbanisation

Sciences Po and LSE have come together to offer outstanding students a distinctive dual degree devoted to urban management and policy, the Double Master's in Urban Policy.

This specific 2-year programme is based on the mutual recognition of curricula and evaluation in the partner university; it offers a top-level education in the area of urban studies to participating students, giving them the opportunity to develop a career focused on local and urban policy in the private, public or international sectors at the highest level.

Spanning a wide range of disciplines, including public management, economic development, urbanisation, project management, urban social analysis and law, this selective bilingual (French and English) programme will enable students to develop an understanding of the political, economic and social issues raised by urbanisation, at local and international level, with a curriculum focused on the analytic tools used in the field of urban policy.

You can read an interview with Double Master's Degree in Urban Policy alumna Floriane Ortega here.

This programme is academically supervised by Dr Nancy Holman in the LSE Department of Geography and Environment, and Patrick Le Galès, senior researcher at CNRS - CEVIPOF and professor at Sciences Po.

Providing all course requirements have been met, students will graduate with both a Master from Sciences Po in Strategies Territoriales et Urbaines, and an MSc from LSE in Urban Policy.

Student testimonials

Benjamin Michel

benjamin michel

What was your favourite course at Sciences Po?

Even though each of my courses at Sciences Po were insightful, my favourite one was Flux, Matter, Data: new orders of the urban fabric. This course aims to make students aware of the hidden - yet vital part of our cities: networks. By learning how networks are shaping our cities, I understood that they are the result of complex processes and what we see is often just the tip of the iceberg. This course helped changed my perception of the urban fabric.

Can you describe a typical day in your life studying in Paris?

Because of the pandemic and its impact on social life, Sciences Po campus was an important place for me. The library was open most of the year and allowed me to study properly. It was therefore an important part of my life in Paris and helped me to meet new people. I particularly enjoyed the lively atmosphere in Paris. With students coming from various backgrounds, I was able to get new perspectives on my subjects. 

What are your plans after graduating?

I want to take advantage of this year at LSE, to explore all the possibilities and opportunities I could get after my MSc. London is such a great city, and I can see myself working there after graduating. I am currently exploring opportunities to work in property development, either in France or the UK as both countries are facing stimulating challenges.


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