Dr Marco Di Cataldo

Affiliate Post-doctoral Researcher

Department of Geography and Environment

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English, Italian
Key Expertise
EU policies, Public economics, Political economy

About me

Marco Di Cataldo is an ERC Post-Doctoral Researcher based at the LSE Department of Geography and Environment. He completed his PhD in Economic Geography at the LSE in January 2018.

He is part of the European Research Council (ERC) project on Multinationals, Innovation and Institutions in Europe (MASSIVE), coordinated by Prof Riccardo Crescenzi, and a member of the Editorial board of the LSE GILD Blog.

His research is focused on regional economic development, the analysis and evaluation of EU policies, public economics, political economy, and the economics of organised crime. His most recent works include research on the impact of collusion between mafia and politics on local public finance, the evaluation of EU Cohesion Policy in the UK, the determinants of Brexit, and the effectiveness of public policies for the attraction of FDI.

Selected publications

Regional needs, regional targeting and regional growth: an assessment of the impact of EU funds in UK regions. Regional Studies, forthcoming 
Authors: M. Di Cataldo, V. Monastiriotis

Internationalized at work and localistic at home: The ‘split’ Europeanization behind Brexit. Papers in Regional Science, 97 (1): 117-132
Authors: M. Di Cataldo, R. Crescenzi, A. Faggian

The impact of EU Objective 1 funds on regional development: Evidence from the U.K. and the prospect of Brexit. Journal of Regional Science, 57 (5): 814-839
Authors: M. Di Cataldo

What drives employment growth and social exclusion in the regions of the European Union?  Regional Studies 51 (12): 1840-1859
Authors: M. Di Cataldo, A. Rodríguez-Pose

Government quality and the economic returns of transport infrastructure investment in European regions. Journal of Regional Science 56 (4): 555-582
Authors: R. Crescenzi, M. Di Cataldo, A. Rodríguez-Pose

Quality of government and innovative performance in the regions of Europe. Journal of Economic Geography 15 (4): 673-706
Authors: M. Di Cataldo, A. Rodríguez-Pose