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Camden Household Air Monitoring Project

This study will observe the scale of indoor air pollution in homes throughout Camden and examine possible strategies to reduce exposure and improve the health and well-being of Camden residents

The adverse impacts of (outdoor) air pollution have received substantial academic and policy attention over the last few decades. However, indoor air pollution is often overlooked in academic research and policy discussions. This is somewhat surprising given that the western population spends approximately 90 percent of their time indoors and that indoor concentrations can often be much higher than outdoors. 

Through a partnership between Camden Council, the London School of Economics (LSE), and the University of Southern California, this study will observe the scale of indoor air pollution in homes throughout Camden and examine possible strategies to reduce exposure and improve the health and wellbeing of Camden residents. 

We are looking for Camden residents to take part in this project. The project will take place over a four-week period in which you will be given a small device to monitor the levels of air pollution in your home. It is very straightforward and quick to place the monitor in your home and we will provide technical support if needed. 

If you have received a letter from Camden Council asking you to participate in this study, please click here to register your interest and complete a short survey.

Why take part and what will you get out of it?

  • We will provide you with a report of the levels of pollution within your home throughout the duration of the study and information on ways to lower such pollution in the future. 
  • You will be involved in the production of scientific knowledge and will contribute to our understanding of air pollution in London and its implications for policy makers. 
  • You will be rewarded with a guaranteed £20 Amazon voucher

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the study, you can email


Project organisers

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Dr Sefi Roth 

Dr Sefi Roth is an Assistant Professor of Environmental Economics at the Department of Geography and Environment at LSE. He is also an Associate of the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment and a Research Affiliate at IZA. His research focuses on environmental economics and in particular on the effects of air pollution on health and well-being. Since 2020, Sefi is the director of the MSc in Environmental Economics and Climate Change at the LSE and a member of the UK Clean Air Programme Steering Committee. 

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Robert Metcalfe

Robert  Metcalfe is an Associate Professor in Economics at University of Southern California. He was previously an Assistant Professor in Markets, Public Policy, and Law at the Questrom School of Business, Boston University and a Postdoctoral Research Scholar in Economics at the University of Chicago. Rob's research lies within applied microeconomics, with a focus on energy markets, transportation, firm and labour productivity, and digital platforms.  

Rob’s research has been featured in the Harvard Business Review, The Wall Street Journal and the Financial Times, and has conducted research with many large organisations such as Uber, Lyft, Virgin Atlantic Airlines, Opower, Oracle, Southern California Gas, British Gas, National Grid, the YMCA, Transdev, British Telecom, the U.S. Office of the President (Obama), and the UK Cabinet Office. He completed his M.Sc. and Ph.D. at the London School of Economics and Imperial College London, respectively. He is also a co-founder of two start-ups that originated from his research. You can read more about his research on his website.

Tom Parkes

Tom Parkes is Senior Air Quality Officer at Camden Council and leads an ambitious air quality programme which involves a number of innovative grant-funded projects, intended to help achieve the World Health Organization air quality standards throughout Camden, and to realise citizens’ vision for a borough in which no one suffers ill-health as a result of the air they breathe.

Previously he worked for the University of Brighton on a number of energy efficiency and renewable energy initiatives which helped the University to a top-ten ranking for sustainability in the higher education sector.

Tom studied Environmental Sciences at the University of East Anglia and has a background in climate science and atmospheric chemistry.

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Kofi Broadhurst 

Kofi is working as a Research Assistant on this project. She graduated from the London School of Economics and Political Science in 2022 with a BSc in Environment and Development and is now a postgraduate student at the University of Cambridge. 


Cora Buentjen

Cora Buentjen is an MSc Environmental Policy and Regulation student at the London School of Economics and Political Science. She began working on the CHAMP project as an Undergraduate Research Fellow in her final year as a BA Geography student and is now continuing to help on the project as a Research Assistant.  


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Lotte Turnbull 

Lotte Turnbull is a BSc Environment and Development student in her second year at the London School of Economics and Political Science. She is working as an Undergraduate Research Fellow on this project.  




This project has been internally funded by the London School of Economics and Political Science and has receive matched funding from Boston University.