Dr Carrie Hamilton

Dr Carrie Hamilton

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English, Spanish
Key Expertise
Gender History, Feminist Theory, Oral History & Cultural Memory

About me

A historian by training, she has published and taught in the areas of gender history, the history of sexuality, feminist theory, oral history and cultural memory, histories of political violence, revolution and political activism, especially in relation to Spain, the Basque Country and Cuba, as well as veganism and animal studies.

She was previously Reader in History at the University of Roehampton, and before that taught Spanish and Modern Languages at the University of Southampton.

Dr Hamilton’s first monograph, Women and ETA: The Gender Politics of Radical Basque Nationalism (2007) is a study of women’s armed activism in the Basque nationalist independence movement ETA during the late Franco years and the Spanish transition to democracy. Her 2012 book Sexual Revolutions in Cuba: Passion, Politics, and Memory, is an oral history study of the sexual politics of the Cuban Revolution as told through the voices of Cubans of different ages, genders, sexualities, and racial identities.

Since 2019, she has worked as a freelance editor and translator. In addition to editing and translating numerous academic articles and chapters, and works of fiction and nonfiction, she has translated two book-length academic monographs from Spanish to English: Diego Falconí Trávez, From Ashes to Text: Andean Literature of Sexual Dissidence in the 20th Century (2022) and Jorge Marco and Gutmaro Gómez Bravo, Fabric of Fear: Building Franco’s New Society in Spain, 1936–1950 (forthcoming, 2023).

Dr Hamilton’s recent research and writing focus on the areas of veganism and activism. She has published a number of academic articles and experimental pieces of writing on the relationship between animal rights and other social justice movements, especially feminism, queer movements, sex workers’ rights, prison abolition and anti-racism. Her latest book, Veganism, Sex and Politics: Tales of Danger and Pleasure (2019), examines these interrelations through analyses of historical and contemporary cultural texts, scholarly debates and autoethnography.

She is currently writing a work of creative non-fiction on femme friendship.

Expertise Details

Gender History; History of Sexuality; Feminist Theory; Oral History & Cultural Memory; Histories of Political Violence; Revolution & Political Activism; Spain & the Basque Country; Cuba; Veganism; Animal Studies.


2023: Hamilton, C., & Jeraj, S. (2023, June 27). Sex Work in Europe Between Decriminalisation and Prohibition. Green European Journal. https://www.greeneuropeanjournal.eu/sex-work-in-europe-between-decriminalisation-and-prohibition/

2023: ‘Skins’ in Chloë Taylor, ed., Routledge Companion to Gender and Animals (forthcoming). 

2022: ‘Vegan Feminism without Cages’, in Zane McNeill, ed., Vegan Entanglements: Dismantling Racial and Carceral Capitalism. Lantern Books.

2019: Veganism, Sex and Politics: Tales of Danger and Pleasure. HammerOn @ Intellect [published under C. Lou Hamilton].

2019: ‘Mourning Leather: Queer Histories, Vegan Futures’; Memory Studies.

2018: ‘Animal Stories and Oral History: Witnessing and Mourning across the Species Divide’; Oral History Review 45, 2, pp. 193-210. 

2016: 'Sex, Work, Meat: The Feminist Politics of Veganism', Feminist Review 114, themed issue on ‘Food’, pp. 112-29.

2015: 'Emociones y animales en el archivo de la Historia Oral', Ayer 98, pp. 101-27.


Programme co-director for MSc Gender (Sexuality)

Courses: 2023-24