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We are proud of our global community of LSE Gender Alumni and want to stay connected!

Keeping in touch with LSE Gender:

We are always keen to hear from our Alumni and there are lots of ways you can keep in touch:

Join the LSE Alumni Community:

Your LSE alumni community connects people across the world with fellow alumni and the School. Get involved with the LSE Alumni Association, network with alumni through regional groups or special interest groups and attend public events and lectures, or watch them online. 

By registering with LSE Alumni online you can:

Reference requests:

If you are a current MSc student or an alumni of the department and you would like to request a reference from one of our academic staff, please email them directly to ask if they are able to provide a reference. Make sure to do this well in advance of your deadline in case they are not able to provide one and you need to reach out to someone else. The usual timeframe expected for asking for a reference is 4-6 weeks before the deadline with 3 weeks being an absolute minimum amount of notice. 

If you simply need confirmation of the dates you attended LSE, proof of enrolment, degree verification, etc., please navigate to the LSE's Certificates and Letters page.