Navigating, disrupting, and exploring liminal spaces between researcher and researched

A student-led online workshop
in association with LSE Gender and the LSE PhD Academy

Hurvin Anderson cropped
Reseach as a process relies on two bodies: one who does the researching and one on which research is done. They are assumed distinct and separate. What if this process was disrupted? What if the "researched" comes before the "researcher", what if they were one and the same?

We invite PhD students to speak to the "I" within their research and explore their own positionality within the researcher/researched identities. This one-day symposium is open to all PhD researchers who work on or with identity possitions or communities to which they belong.

You can read the Call for Papers here

This workshop will be held on Zoom in Autumn 2022

To apply please submit a brief statement (up to 250 words) to, introducing yourself and your research and how the theme of the event relates to your work by 27th May 2022. 

[image: Greensleeves (2017) by Hurvin Anderson]
Join us to discuss the "researched/researcher" dichotomy

read our full Call for Papers here