Call for Papers: trans-national anti-gender politics.

Together with Clare Hemmings, the collective of Engenderings, have written and just uploaded a call for papers for a blog series on trans-national anti-gender politics.

In light of the recent ban of gender studies in Hungary, the LSE Department of Gender Studies and Engenderings are calling for contributions to a blog post series on transnational anti-gender politics. Not only in Hungary have gender studies and feminist thought become the target of vicious attacks. In Germany, gender studies are consistently targeted as a pseudo-science that threatens proper academic rigor and social conduct, in France, anti-same sex marriage activists have decried ‘gender ideology’ as a weapon aimed at destroying the nuclear family, and, in Brazil, effigies of queer feminist theorist Judith Butler were burned down in protest of her visit last year. Transnationally, then, anti-gender politics target gender studies as a an academic field, the ‘rise of gender ideology’ as a socio-political force, and individuals – whether they be scholars, activists or politicians – seen to be their embodied representatives.

 Interested? You can find out further information on the call for papers here


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