MSc Finance Student Profiles

Our students share their experiences of the MSc Finance programme, finding a job, life in London and much more.

Kiriko Ogawa

Kiriko Ogawa

For my undergraduate studies, I pursued International Business, Finance and Economics at the University of Manchester, where I gained my interest in the field of Finance. This led me to pursue Finance at a higher level at LSE.

The renowned level of teaching, especially the practicality of the content taught, was the primary reason I decided to study MSc Finance at LSE. I wished to develop critical thinking skills to apply theory learnt in the classroom to real-life financial scenarios, which I believe this course pushes us towards. High-quality knowledge and skills have definitely played a positive role in the job application processes.

The highlight of the programme for me was finding lifelong friendships. Through this short yet condensed course, I had many opportunities to work with coursemates from different backgrounds and experiences. Everyone was ready to help one another both inside and outside of the classroom, allowing us to share both difficulties and happiness throughout the course. I believe I have made lifelong friends I will continue to keep in touch with.

My advice for prospective MSc Finance students would be to pursue every opportunity presented in front of you. The MSc Finance programme provides many opportunities to learn and expand your network- these are exclusive to you. It taught me great financial and life lessons, which I still cherish. Upon graduation I will be working as an Equity Sales Analyst at Morgan Stanley, based in the Tokyo office.


Weronika Cisinska

I joined this programme straight after receiving my Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Finance from the University of York. My main motivations for coming here were that the LSE and the MSc Finance are the most highly regarded among industry professionals in London and that this course is designed with a focus on giving students practical experience using case studies.

Before coming to the LSE, I did not have any financial modelling experience, but by the time I finished the programme and started my summer internship, I was able to progress in my role much faster than anticipated thanks to the technical skills I had developed during the MSc Finance.

My cohort was very diverse, intelligent, ambitious, and open to socialising with everyone in the class. I would encourage participating in the many events organised by the Department of Finance to build long-lasting relationships with peers.

During the master’s, I secured a summer internship in the investment team of Glendower Capital and a full-time position as an M&A Analyst on the Santander Corporate & Investment Banking graduate programme in London.

Hitesh Suresh-Kumar

Hitesh Suresh-Kumar

I studied a Bachelor of Science in Economics during my undergrad in India. During my undergrad, I interned at a hedge fund’s event-arbitrage and special situations team. Additionally, after graduating with first class honors in 2021, I joined KPMG’s M&A due-diligence team in Chennai as a full-time analyst.

First and foremost, the programme's rigor and academic excellence stood out as a paramount reason for my decision to enroll. The curriculum offered in the MSc Finance programme is unparalleled in its comprehensiveness, encompassing a wide range of topics crucial to understanding the intricacies of finance. From foundational principles of corporate finance to advanced concepts in the Black-Scholes-Merton options pricing model, the course delved deep into various facets of finance, equipping me with a robust skill set that’s highly sought after in the ultra-competitive global financial markets landscape. If somebody wants to obtain not only an education, but a holistic understanding of the field of finance with the brightest individuals, LSE MSc Finance is the place to be.

The programme's most significant highlights for me stem from the seemingly ordinary yet invaluable moments within the classroom setting - the pre and post lecture discussions with classmates and professors. These interactions have truly enriched my learning experience. Engaging in thought-provoking discussions with esteemed professors and bright peers has been intellectually stimulating and has deepened my understanding of the subject matter.

Moreover, the Finance department's dedication to fostering networking opportunities is truly commendable and sets a standard envied by the entire university community. The chance to connect with industry professionals, alumni, and other influential figures within the finance sector has been invaluable in shaping my professional trajectory.

Equally noteworthy is the unwavering support provided by the dedicated career services team. Their guidance, resources, and personalised approach have played a pivotal role in my personal and professional growth, helping me align my aspirations with the right career opportunities.

In summary, the highlights of the programme extend beyond the confines of the classroom, encompassing enriching discussions, exceptional networking opportunities, and invaluable support from the career services team. These experiences have not only broadened my knowledge but have also prepared me for a successful and fulfilling career in the field of finance and private equity.

My advice: Be prepared to face challenges, academically and professionally. Embrace the tough times, juggling academics, job applications, interviews, socializing, and self-care. It won't be easy, but you'll come out stronger. Keep going!

I will be joining Torch Partners, a tech-focused investment bank, as an Investment Banking Analyst.