MSc Finance & Economics Alumni Profiles

Our alumni share their experiences of the MSc Finance & Economics programme.


Otávio Moreno Bitu
Bachelor in Economics, Sao Paulo School of Economics - Fundação Getulio Vargas (EESP-FGV)
Now an incoming PhD candidate in Finance at the LSE, following one year as a Policy Analyst in the Capital Markets Division at the Bank of England

After completing my Bachelor's degree I wanted to undertake graduate level courses that ultimately would prepare me to pursue a PhD in Finance. Without too much effort I found the best option: the MSc Finance and Economics programme at the LSE, based on having leading researchers teaching the courses and impressive alumni profiles. I attest it is a very challenging degree, but it is impressive how the programme is well-recognised across the financial industry and academia. It is a really rewarding journey!

I am grateful for the excellent preparation the F&E programme provided me with; namely the opportunity to join the Capital Markets Division at the Bank of England, as well as to receive offers for PhDs in Finance. I strongly recommend the programme for those willing to deepen their Financial Economics knowledge, possibly willing to apply for PhD programmes in Finance or Economics afterwards.


Eleni Georgopoulou
BSc Hons in Economics, Athens University of Economics and Business
Now an Investment Banking Analyst, Goldman Sachs

For me, a key highlight of the programme was definitely being a student representative for F&E and forming a strong network of individuals coming from different backgrounds. It truly helps in building a sense of community across the entire cohort, which continues way beyond graduation.

The advice I would give to prospective students is to stay curious, and do not be afraid to raise your hand and ask questions. The most interesting conversations emerge out of unexpected questions.

Looking back, the knowledge and quantitative skills I obtained through the Applied Corporate Finance elective course and Financial Econometrics core course have equipped me with an in-depth understanding of financial analysis in my day-to-day job. This skill set had also enabled me to hit the ground running as an investment banking analyst, right after the F&E programme.


Jasper Knyphausen
Bachelor and Master of Science in Mathematics, University of Bonn
Now a PhD candidate at the University of Oxford, previously a Research Analyst in the Monetary Policy Strategy Division at the European Central Bank

The programme impressed by its mix of rigorous foundational courses in Financial Economics with a wide range of specialised elective options. In this way, theoretic econometric principles are perfectly combined with practical questions in the finance industry. This structure gave me – even as someone who previously came from a pure mathematics background – the optimal basis for working in central banking after graduation and for pursuing a challenging PhD-degree thereafter.

I would encourage every new student to take full advantage of all the different opportunities that LSE provides - from the networking events, over the individual consulting sessions in the career centre, to the office hours of the programme administrators and professors, who significantly supported me with questions about the course material and with my PhD-applications. For those who fully immerse themselves in the programme, the year in London with all the new connections and friendships will have profound benefits that will fundamentally boost further careers.


Isabella Gschossmann
BSc. in Business Administration, LMU Munich.
Now a PhD candidate at Imperial College, having completed a traineeship at the European Central Bank

I chose to do the MSc Finance and Economics at LSE because of the excellent prospects it brings to students with PhD ambitions in finance or economics. Its reputation, the guidance provided by the department and the quality of training all contribute immensely to students’ success in applications. The degree has further helped my career by opening various paths, hence allowing me to gain experience in central banking before pursuing a PhD. Finally, it has equipped me with the skills and knowledge required to be successful in research, which eventually gave me the confidence to pursue graduate studies.

The highlight of the programme definitely is sharing this experience with your F&E cohort, which will be full of very ambitious and bright people. I advise prospective students to be open-minded and make use of all the opportunities the MSc brings, including the connections it offers to current and past students.


Ahmet Erdem Cetintas
BA in Economics & BSc in Mathematics, Bogazici University
Now at Risk Control Ltd

I was looking for a programme which would prepare me for academia as well as equip me with a skill set for an industry job. MSc Finance and Economics was the perfect choice considering its excellent placement record for top PhD programs and industry jobs.

I am currently a quantitative analyst at a risk consulting firm. The core courses provided the financial, mathematical, and statistical theory required for my role. With the help of the coding assignments in the elective courses, I applied my theoretical knowledge to hands-on work, which is crucial for the quantitative projects at my job.

The programme is fast-paced and packed with information. Learning from the professors who are the best in their fields is a great experience. Although it is sometimes challenging to keep up, my advice for prospective students is to make the most of the programme. The department staff is helpful and always supports you if you have any issues. Finally, enjoy London with your amazing classmates!



Wenchuan Zhao
Bachelor in Accounting, Tsinghua University
Now DPhil in Finance student, University of Oxford.

The F&E programme is a compass that activates the magnets of knowledge and intelligence, as it features extraordinary academic resources in one of the best finance departments in the world. I chose it over many other alternatives as preparation for Ph.D. study, and this was the best decision I have ever made! At LSE, each professor makes a great effort to explain financial theory clearly and is approachable; giving you the chance to immerse yourself in all aspects of financial economics. Based on broad exploration during the year, I was able to decide my research field for later study.

The programme is rigorous and challenging, summer break before the start is a good time for math refreshing and self-study. Participate in lectures and office hours actively, as you will receive valuable advice from course study to career decisions. The relationship with professors is shaped by you, and it is truly beneficial, as they always support you without reservation.


Hendrik Wagenaar
Bachelor of Science in Economics, University of Mannheim
Now at McKinsey & Company

My undergraduate economics studies and my practical experience in the financial industry shaped my passion for topics in finance and in economics. The possibility to combine these two fascinating fields in my graduate studies attracted me to the MSc Finance and Economics programme at LSE. It is a unique programme in Europe, and perfect for everybody who has a deep interest in both areas.

The F&E programme is challenging and rewarding. I was impressed how the programme manages to prepare the students for so many different careers. The gained knowledge and the broad set of skills allow students to pursue careers in academia, the public and the private sector. In my case, the department gave me all the support I needed to land a consulting job next to my studies.

My advice to future students is to be curious about all the opportunities this programme offers. Make use of the great resources at the university and if you encounter a problem of any kind, there is always somebody to help.