Previous PhD Placements



  • Karamfil Todorov, Economist, Bank for International Settlements (BIS)
    Thesis title: Essays in Financial Economics

  • Fabrizio Core, Assistant Professor of Finance, Rotterdam School of Economics
    Thesis title: Essays in Corporate Finance


  • James (Tengyu) Guo, Analyst, Canada Pension Plan Investment Board
    Thesis title: Essays in Factor-Based Investing

  • Brandon (Yueyang) Han, Assistant Professor, University of Maryland
    Thesis title: Essays on information and frictions in financial markets
  • Lukas Kremens, Assistant Professor, University of Washington Seattle
    Thesis title: Essays in Foreign Exchange Risk
  • Dimitris Papadimitriou, Assistant Professor, Bristol University
    Thesis title: Essays in Financial Economics
  • Bernardo De Oliveira Guerra Ricca, Assistant Professor, Insper
    Thesis title: Essays in Financial Economics
  • Gosia Ryduchowska, Assistant Professor, BI Oslo
    Thesis title: Essays in Empirical Corporate Finance
  • Su Wang, Assistant Professor, University of Amsterdam
    Thesis title: Essays in Corporate Finance


  • Lorenzo Bretscher, Assistant Professor, London Business School
    Thesis title: From Local to Global: Offshoring and Asset Prices
  • Jesus Gorrin, Assistant Professor, Warwick Business School
    Thesis title: The effects of immigration on investment and firm creation
  • Olga Obizhaeva,  Assistant Professor, Stockholm School of Economics
    Thesis title: Essays in Financial Economics
  • Petar Sabtchevsky, Vice President, GCW Global Customised Wealth
    Thesis title: Volatility Managed Portfolios in General Equilibrium
  • Una Savic, Investment Banking Associate, Financial Strategy & Solutions Group, Citi Bank
    Thesis title: Essays in Financial Intermediation


  • Michael Punz, Quantitative Strategist, Capula Investment Management
    Thesis title:  Essays on delegated portfolio management


  • Huaizhi Chen, postdoc, Harvard
    Thesis title: Essays in empirical asset pricing
  • Hoyong Choi,  Assistant Professor, Erasmus University
  • Sergei Glebkin, Assistant Professor, Insead
    Thesis title: Three essays in financial economics
  • Yiqing Lu, Assistant Professor, NYU Shanghai’s campus
    Thesis title: Essays on innovation incentives and compensation structure
  • Milan Martinovic
    Thesis title, MPhil in Finance: Insiders' selling decision of VC-backed IPOs and long-run post-IPO performance
  • Seyed Seyedan, Assistant Professor, Sharif University of Technology
    Thesis title: Essays in Financial Economics
  • Ji Shen, Guanghua School of Management at Peking University
    Thesis title: Essays on asset pricing in over-the-counter markets
  • Luana Zaccaria, Assistant Professor, Einaudi


  • Shiyang Huang, Assistant Professor of Finance, University of Hong Kong
    Thesis title: Essays on information asymmetry in financial market
  • Victoria Dobrynskaya, Assistant Professor, Higher School of Economics
    Thesis title: Downside risk in stock and currency markets


  • Jason Donaldson, Assistant Professor of Finance, Olin Business School, Washington University in St Louis
    Thesis title: Essays in Financial Contract Theory
  • John Kuong, Assistant Professor, INSEAD
    Thesis title: Essays in Financial Economics
  • Christian von Drathen, Assistant Professor of Finance, Jindal School of Management, The University of Texas at Dallas
    Thesis Title: Essays in Empirical Finance
  • Jing Zeng, Lecturer, Frankfurt School of Finance and Management
    Thesis title: Essays on the theories of financial intermediation
  • Ping Zhou, Analyst in Market Risk Modelling, Deutsche Bank
    Thesis title: Essays on Credit Risk


  • Nelson Costa-Neto, Assistant Professor in Finance, Catholic University of Portugal (Lisbon)
    Thesis Title: Essays on information asymmetry and financial institutions
  • Pragyan Deb, Economist, International Monetary Fund
    First placement: Economist, Bank of England
    Thesis title: Essays on the Impact of Competition on Financial Intermediaries
  • Sean Lew, Associate, Cornerstone Research
    Thesis title: Essays on market microstructure
  • Giorgia Piacentino, Assistant Professor of Finance, Olin Business School, Washington University in St Louis
    Thesis Title: Theories of the effects of delegated portfolio managers' incentives
  • Marcela Valenzuela, Assistant Professor, Universidad de Chile
    Thesis Title: Essays in financial economics 
  • Ilknur Zer, Economist, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, Washington DC
    Thesis Title: Essays in financial economics


  • Vincent Fardeau, Assistant Professor, Frankfurt School of Finance and Management
    First placement: Economist - Division of Research & Statistics, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, Washington DC
    Thesis Title: Essays in financial economics
  • Thomas Maurer, Assistant Professor of Finance at the Olin Business School, Washington University in St. Louis
    Thesis Title: Is Consumption Growth merely a Sideshow in Asset Pricing? - Asset Pricing Implications of Demographic Change and Shocks to Time Preferences
  • Sitikantha Parida, Assistant Professor of Finance, Graduate School of Management, Clark University
    Thesis Title: Essays on delegated portfolio  management
  • Qi Shang, Assistant Professor at the Hanqing Advanced Institute of Economics and Finance, Renmin University of China
    Thesis Title: Essays in Asset Pricing and Institutional Investors
  • Terence Teo
    Thesis title: Essays in disclosure of holdings by institutional investors
  • Gyuri Venter, Assistant Professor of Finance, Copenhagen Business School
    Thesis Title: Essays on asymmetric information and trading constraints
  • Yiyi Wang
    Thesis Title: Rational bubble, short-dated volatility forecasting and profitable trade on implied volatility surface
  • Yu-Min Yen, Postdoctoral Fellow, Academia Sinica, Taiwan
    Thesis Title: Three essays in financial econometrics


  • Miguel Anton, Assistant Professor of Finance, IESE Business School, University of Navarra
  • Dragana Cvijanovic, Assistant Professor of Finance, HEC Paris
    Thesis Title: Essays in Real Estate Finance
  • Xiaoxia Hao, Asset Allocation and Strategic Research Department, China Investment Corporation
    Thesis title: Patent Award and Informed Trading in Stock Market
  • Zijun Liu, Economist, FSA
    Thesis Title: Essays in Financial Intermediation
  • Aytek Malkhozov, Assistant Professor, McGill University
    Thesis Title: Essays in Asset Pricing
  • Kenneth McKay, Risk Management, Morgan Stanley (Hong Kong) 
    Thesis Title: Essays in contingent claims analysis
  • Zhigang Qiu, Assistant Professor of Finance, Hanqing Advanced Institute of Economics and Finance, Renmin University of China, Beijing.
    Thesis Title: Essays on Delegated Portfolio Management
  • Marvin Siepman
    Thesis Title (MPhil in Finance): Two essays on hedge fund risks and returns


  • Fabian Garavito, Global Asset Allocation & Alternative Investments Research Team, JP Morgan
    Thesis Title: Essays on delegated asset management
  • Marco Protopapa, Vice President, Euro Area Economic Research, J.P. Morgan
    First placement: Economist, European Central Bank
    Thesis Title (MPhil in Finance): An Essay in Corporate Finance, Managerial Incentives, Financial Constraints and Ownership Concentration.


  • Jan Bena - Assistant Professor of Finance, Sauder School of Business, University of British Columbia
    Thesis Title: Essays on the Interaction between Financial Development and Real Economy
  • Alexander Bleck - Assistant Professor of Accounting, Chicago Booth
    Thesis Title: Disclosure and Trading Games in Financial Markets
  • Pierre Chaigneau - Assistant Professor of Finance, HEC Montreal
    Thesis Title: Essays on CEO Compensation
  • Anisha Ghosh - Assistant Professor of Finance, Carnegie Mellon, Tepper School of Business
    Thesis Title: Essays in Asset Pricing
  • Keun Jung Lee
    Thesis Title: Three Essays in Corporate Governance in Korea
  • Christian Reusch - Quantitative Analyst, Wadhwani Asset Management
    Thesis Title: On the non-linear dynamics of financial market risk and liquidity
  • Nikolaj Schmidt
    Thesis Title: Essays in Financial Intermediation


  • Gara Minguez Afonso - Economist, Federal Reserve Bank of New York


  • Sridhar Arcot, PhD 2007, Assistant Professor, ESSEC Business School, Paris
    Thesis Title: Essays in Corporate Finance
  • Valentina Bruno, Assistant Professor, Finance and Real Estate Department, American University
    Thesis Title: Three Essays in Corporate Governance
  • Michael Gabor Kollo, PhD 2007, Head of Quantitative Research and Risk, Renaissance Asset Managers
    First placement: PhD Associate, BlackRock Investment Management (UK) Limited
    Thesis Title: Essays on Financial Intermediation
  • Xuewen Liu, PhD 2007, Lecturer, Imperial College London
    Thesis Title: Essays on Corporate Finance under Information Asymmetry


  • Peter Kondor, PhD 2006, Associate Professor of Economics, Central European University
    First placement: Assistant Professor, Chicago Booth (formerly Chicago GSB)
    Thesis Title: Higher-Order Expectations, Risky Arbitrage and Professional Investors
  • Beatriz Mariano, PhD 2006, University Carlos III of Madrid
    Thesis Title: Asymmetries of information in financial markets with applications to debt regeneration and financial certification 
  • Freyan Panthaki, PhD 2006, Equity Derivatives & Synthetics Strategy, Deutsche Bank, Hong Kong
    First placement: Global Equity Derivatives Strategy, Deutsche Bank, New York
    Thesis Title: Foreign Exchange Market Reactions to News: A Microstructure Analysis of Returns, Volatility and Order Flow from the Reuters D2000-2 Electronic Trading System


  • Miguel Segoviano, PhD 2005, International Monetary Fund (IMF)
    Thesis Title: 'Portfolio Credit Risk Through Time: Measurement Methodologies'
  • Andy Jobst, PhD 2005, Economist, International Monetary Fund (IMF)
    Thesis Title: A Theoretical and Empirical Study of Asset Securisation: Risk Modelling, Security Design and Market Pricing
  • Max Bruche, PhD 2005, Senior Lecturer in Finance, Cass Business School
    First placement: Assistant Professor of Economics, CEMFI
    Thesis Title: Structural Models of Corporate Bond Prices
  • Spyros Pagratis, PhD 2005, Lecturer in Finance, Athens University of Economics and Business
    First placement: Economist, Bank of England
    Thesis Title: Asymmetric Information in Financial Economics: Asset Pricing, Liquidity Pricing and the Resolution of Financial Distress
  • Paolo Colla, PhD 2005, Bocconi University
    Thesis Title: Essays on Non-Fundamental Speculation, Trading Behaviour and Strategic Information Sharing
  • Hassan Syed Naqvi, PhD 2005, Assistant Professor of Finance, National University of Singapore
    Thesis Title: Essays on Financial Crisis: Implications for Debt-Pricing, Bail Outs and Resource Allocation


  • Robert Kozowski, PhD 2002, Associate Professor, Imperial College London
    First placement: Assistant Professor, INSEAD
    Thesis Title: Essays on Mutual Fund Performance: Statistical Significance, Persistence and Business Cycle Time-Variation
  • Jinhui Luo, PhD 2002, Researcher, Barclays Global Investors
  • Josef Schuster, PhD 2002, Director, IPOX Schuster LLC


  • Andrew Ellul, PhD 2001, Assistant Professor of Finance, Indiana University, Kelley School of Business


  • Elena Carletti, PhD 2000, University of Mannheim


  • Ulrike Hoffman-Burchardi, PhD 1999, Tudor Investments


  • Gleb Sandmann, PhD 1997, Barclays Capital



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