PhD Economics Career Placement

Job Market Placement Record

I loved my time as a PhD student in the Department of Economics at LSE and was very well supported throughout the job market process.

Dr Clare Balboni, PhD Economics 2019

The Department of Economics actively and successfully supports its graduate students in job market placement. Placement is a well-organized activity among hiring institutions and those seeking employment. With the guidance of the Department Placement Officer, graduate students are placed with their most suitable match and LSE has an excellent record in placing its students in the best departments in the world. Repec ranks LSE’s placement 7th in the world, just below Berkeley and just above Stanford.

Of the 93 students in the five cohorts that have graduated since the start of the current PhD model, 70 (75%) chose jobs in Academia (58) or Research Institutions (12), while 10 (11%) went to Central Banks, 6 (7%) to International Organisations and Governments and a further 7 (7%) to the Private sector.

The ambition of LSE’s Department of Economics is to place our PhD students in the best institutions worldwide. Of the academic jobs, about 43% are in North America (mostly US), 31% in Europe and 26% in Asia and Australia. Our placement records for recent years can be found at our webpage here. Top US placements include, in alphabetical order, Berkeley Haas, Chicago Booth, Chicago Harris, Columbia Economics, Harvard Kennedy, MIT Economics, Northwestern Kellogg, and Stanford GSB.

Nobel Prize Winners

LSE Students: Robert Mundell, Christopher Pissarides

Faculty: John Hicks, Freidrich von Hayek, James Meade, Arthur Lewis, Merton Miller, Ronald Coase, Amartya Sen, George Akerlof, Christopher Pissarides.

John Bates Clark Medal winners

Awarded by the American Economic Association to the best economist under 40:

LSE Students: Daron Acemoğlu, Dave Donaldson 

Yrjö Jahnsson Award winners

Awarded by the American Economic Association to the best economist under 40:

LSE Students: Richard Blundell, Fabrizio Zillibotti, John Hardman Moore, Helen Rey, Thomas Piketty, Imran Rasul

Faculty:  Torsten Persson, Nobuhiro Kiyotaki, John Hardman Moore, Philippe Aghion, Timothy Besley, John Van Reenan, Oriana Bandiera