Impact Case Studies

orianabandiera2022-300x300Robin Burgess

Impact case study: Improving the lives of the ultra-poor

Summary: Researchers at LSE provided robust evidence that large, one-off interventions can produce sustainable economic benefits for individuals, improving the lives of people in extreme poverty. Read the impact case study.

Professor Oriana Bandiera
Professor of Economics | Sir Anthony Atkinson Chair in Economics

Professor Robin Burgess
Professor of Economics | Director of IGC


Tim Besley

Impact case study: State capacity: crafting effective development strategies

Summary: LSE research has made a significant contribution to understanding state development and the causes of state fragility, shaping the work of multilateral development agencies. Read the impact case study.

Professor Sir Tim Besley
School Professor of Economics and Political Science



Impact case study: Understanding and improving subjective wellbeing

Summary: LSE research has significantly contributed to promoting subjective wellbeing as a central objective of public policy, and provided new tools to support its measurement. Read the impact case study.

Professor Lord Richard Layard
Emeritus Professor of Economics | Community Wellbeing Programme Co-Director

Professor Paul Dolan
Professor of Behavioural Science



Impact case study: Supporting the development of a safer, more robust financial system for the eurozone

Summary: In response to the eurozone crisis, LSE economists co-developed an influential proposal for European Safe Bonds (ESBies), which would protect the financial system from future shocks. Read the impact case study.

Professor Ricardo Reis
Arthur Williams Phillips Professor of Economics

Professor Dimitri Vayanos
Professor of Finance | Director, Financial Markets Group



Impact case study: Improving productivity through better management practices

Summary: LSE research has demonstrated how management practices affect productivity, providing vital evidence for designing industrial strategies to tackle low productivity. Read the impact case study.

Professor John Van Reenen
Ronald Coase Chair in Economics and School Professor

Professor Nicholas Bloom
Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research

Professor Raffaella Sadun
Harvard Business School