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PhD, LSE Department of Geography and Environment

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Urban Economics, Development Economics

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Urban Economics, Development Economics (primary)
Public Finance (secondary)

Job market paper
Ask a local: Improving public pricing in urban Tanzania

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The urban population of Africa is growing rapidly leading to a rising demand for urban services that many local governments struggle to provide. Information on willingness-to-pay is key for government pricing policy and the allocation of goods and services but not easily collected. This paper studies the provision and uptake of title deeds in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, asking whether local leaders know and will reveal plot owners’ willingness-to-pay. We randomly assign leaders to make predictions under different settings and then elicit owners’ actual willingness-to-pay. We find that demand for titles is substantial, but below exorbitant fees. Leaders’ predictions can approximate the aggregate demand curve and distinguish variation across owners. Accuracy deteriorates in a setting where predictions are used to allocate subsidies but adding cash incentives mitigates this. We conclude that local leaders can provide valuable information to the state if they are compensated and more closely integrated with the formal land system.

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Publications and additional papers

“Planning Ahead for Better Neighborhoods: Long Run Evidence from Tanzania”, with G. Michaels, D. Nigmatulina, F. Rauch, N. Baruah, and A. Dahlstrand, Journal of Political Economy, July 2021.

 “Building the city: from slums to a modern metropolis”, with J.V. Henderson and A. Venables, Review of Economic Studies, May 2021.

“Life in a Slum: understanding living conditions in Nairobi’s slums across time and space”, with J. Bird and P. Montebruno, Oxford Review of Economic Policy, July 2017.

“Building functional cities”, with J.V. Henderson, A. Venables, and I. Samsonov, Science, May 2016.


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