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Martina Zanella

PhD Candidate in Economics

Department of Economics

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English, Italian
Key Expertise
Economics of Gender, Behavioural Economics, Political Economy

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Economics of Gender, Behavioural Economics, Political Economy

Job market paper
Stereotypical Selection

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Stereotypes can represent societal expectations based on an individual’s observable identity. The cost of making choices that go against stereotypes is difficult to assess, as those who do so typically end up in a numerical minority, a condition which might matter on its own. In this paper I disentangle these two effects by combining a choice with well-defined stereotypes (university major) with variation in peer identity across small, exogenously formed, classes within the same course. Evidence from the performance of 14,000 students in an elite university indicates that those who go against stereotypes, e.g. women in maths, do not suffer from being in a numerical minority, but they impose negative externalities on those who select on stereotypes. This might explain why the majority upholds stereotypes and why policies to foster minority inclusion should target the majority.

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Publications and additional papers

Other papers:

“How do political parties respond to gender quotas? Evidence from South Korea” (with Jay Euijung Lee)

Research in progress:

“Group Composition and Group Decision-Making: Evidence from Municipal Council Meetings in South Korea” (with Jay Euijung Lee)

“Unemployment, Volunteering and Re-envisioning The Nature of Work” (With Nava Ashraf, Oriana Bandiera, and Virginia Minni)


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Professor Mark Schankerman

Professor Oriana Bandiera

Professor Robin Burgess
Professor Nava Ashraf

Professor Oriana Bandiera
Professor Robin Burgess
Professor Nava Ashraf

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