Dzhamilya Nigmatulina

Dzhamilya Nigmatulina

PhD, LSE Department of Geography and Environment

Department of Geography and Environment

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English, French, Russian
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Urban Economics, Macroeconomic Development

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Urban Economics, Macroeconomic Development (primary)
Public Economics (secondary)

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Misallocation and State Ownership. Evidence from the Russian Sanctions

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I quantify the effect of political connections on misallocation of resources in the Russian economy. With firm panel data and a quantitative framework, I find large wedges between state-owned and private firms that prevent labour and capital inputs from flowing to more productive private firms. The aggregate TFP would increase by at least 11% if all wedges between state-owned enter-prises and private firms are removed. Using a unique natural experiment of staggered firm-level sanctions in Russia, I estimate the effect of sanctions on distortions between connected and not connected firms. Surprisingly, input-sanctioned firms on average gained 16.3% more capital inputs after sanctions. The effect is driven by sanctioned state-owned firms, getting 37% more capital relative to non-sanctioned firms. Using additional data on subsidies, I find that this result is explained by the government protection of targeted firms. On the aggregate, misallocation was exacerbated due to a joint effect of sanctions and shielding. I combine the causal estimates with the quantitative framework and estimate that the Russian TFP dropped at least by 0.33%, reaching 3% in relevant sectors.

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Publications and additional papers

"Planning ahead for better neighborhoods: long run evidence from Tanzania"with Guy Michaels, Ferdinand Rauch, Tanner Regan, Neeraj Baruah, and Amanda Dahlstrand. Journal of Political Economy (2021)

"Measuring urban economic density" with Vernon Henderson and Sebastian Kriticos. Journal of Urban Economics (2019)

"Is high‐tech care in a middle‐income country worth it?" with Charles Becker. Economics of Transition (2016)


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