32 Lincoln's Inn Fields

Job Market Candidates 2013-2014

Congratulations to our candidates who have been placed as follows. We wish them good luck in their future careers!

Placement Officer: Professor Leonardo Felli
Placement Administrator: Samantha Keenan

Ms Gunes Asik
Research Interests:
Macroeconomics, Labour Economics

Mr Michael Best
Postdoctoral Researcher at Stanford University

Research Interests: 
Public Economics, Development Economics

Mr Johannes Boehm
Assistant Professor at Sciences Po

Research Interests:
Macroeconomics (Primary)
International Trade, Industrial Organisation, Law and Economics (Secondary)

Mr Philippe Bracke
Economist at the Bank of England  

Research Interests:
Macroeconomics, Real Estate Economics

Mr Can Celiktemur
Economist at Compass Lexecon

Research Interests:
Micro Theory, Game Theory, Mechanism Design

Mr Jason Donaldson
Assistant Professor at the University of Indiana
Research Interests:
Contract Theory, Corporate Finance Theory, Intermediation (Primary)
Systemic Risk, Inter-dealer Markets, Credit Ratings (Secondary)

Mr Georg Graetz
Assistant Professor at the University of Uppsala

Research Interests:
Labour Economics (Primary)
Macroeconomics, Applied Econometrics (Secondary)

Ms Anett Hofmann
Assistant Professor at CREST ENSAE, Paris

Research Interests:
Development Economics, Behavioural Economics, Experimental Economics (Primary)
Applied Microeconomics, Public Economics (Secondary)

Mr John Morrow
Lecturer at the University of Essex

Research Interests:
International Trade, Development, Political Economy

Ms Melania Nica
Lecturer at the New College of the Humanities

Research Interests:
Microeconomics, Political Economy, Corporate Finance (Primary)
Industrial Organisation, Applied Econometrics (Secondary)

Mr Daniel Osorio
Economist at the Central Bank of Colombia

Research Interests:
Macroeconomics (Primary)
Financial Economics, Banking (Secondary)

Mr Michele Piffer
Postdoctoral Researcher at DIW, Berlin
Research Interests:
Macroeconomics (Primary)
Monetary Economics (Secondary)

Ms Sanchari Roy
Lecturer at the University of Sussex

Research Interests:
Development Economics (Primary)
Applied Econometrics, Behavioural Economics (Secondary)

Ms Claudia Steinwender
Postdoctoral Researcher at Princeton University and Assistant Professor at Harvard Business School

Research Interests:
International Trade, Applied Microeconometrics (Primary)
Labour Economics, Economic History (Secondary)

Mr Mazhar Waseem
Lecturer at the University of Manchester

Research Interests:
Public Economics (Primary)
Development Economics (Secondary)