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Job Market Candidates 2004-2005

Congratulations to our job market candidates! We wish them all good luck in their future careers.

Placement Officer: Professor Maitreesh Ghatak
Placement Administrator: Mark Wilbor 

Matthieu Chemin
Assistant ProfessorUniversity of Montreal
Research Interests:
Development Economics, Law and Economics, Industrial Organization (Primary)
Applied Econometrics, Public Economics (Secondary)

Chris Crowe
EconomistInternational Monetary Fund
Research Interests: 
Political Economy, International Macroeconomics (Primary)
Monetary Economics (Secondary)

Violetta Dalla
Lecturer in EconomicsRoyal Holloway, University of London
Research Interests:
Econometric Theory, Time Series Analysis (Primary)
Bootstrap Methods, Applied Econometrics (Secondary)

Juan R De Laiglesia
Economist, OECD
Research Interests:
Development Economics, Applied Microeconomics (Primary)
Microeconomic Theory, Law and Economics, Applied Econometrics (Secondary)

Bianca Shelton de Paoli
Bank of England
Research Interests:
International Monetary Economics, Monetary Economics (Primary)
International Economics, International Finance, Macroeconomics (Secondary)

Michael Elsby
Assistant ProfessorUniversity of Michigan
Research Interests:
Labour Economics, Macroeconomics (Primary)
Behavioral Economics, Applied Econometrics, Microeconomics (Secondary)

Leo Ferraris
Assistant ProfessorUniversidad Carlos III de Madrid
Research Interests:
Monetary Economics (Primary)
Applied Theory (Secondary)

Maarten Goos
Associate ProfessorErasmus University, Rotterdam
Research Interests:
Applied Microeconomics, Labour Economics, Applied Econometrics, Evaluation (Primary)
Microeconomics, Econometrics (Secondary)

Rafael Hortal-Vallve
Post-Doctoral Research FellowNuffield College, University of Oxford
Research Interests:
Political Economy, Economic Theory (Primary)
Contract Theory, Information Economics, Game Theory (Secondary)

Fabrizio Iacone
LecturerUniversity of York
Research Interests:
Econometrics (Primary)
Statistics, Applied Monetary/Macro (Secondary)

Riccardo Puglisi
Post-Doctoral ResearcherMIT
Research Interests:
Political Economy, Mass Media Economics (Primary)
Public Economics, Microeconomics, Development Economics (Secondary)

Alberto Salvo
Assistant ProfessorKellogg School of Management
Research Interests:
Industrial Organisation, Applied Microeconomics (Primary)
International Trade, Applied Microeconometrics (Secondary)

Pataporn Sukontamarn
Assistant ProfessorUniversity of Adelaide
Research Interests:
Development Economics, Economics of Education (Primary)
Gender Economics, Public Economics (Secondary)

Hajime Tomura
Senior AnalystBank of Canada
Research Interests:
Macroeconomics, Monetary Economics (Primary)
International Economics (Secondary)

Giovanna Vallanti
EconomistEuropean Central Bank
Research Interests:
Macroeconomics, Applied Econometrics (Primary)
Labour Markets, Institutions, Technological Change (Secondary)