Yannick Schindler

Yannick Schindler

PhD Candidate in Economics

Department of Economics

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Yannick is a PhD student in the Department of Economics with research interests in macroeconomics, asset pricing, and macro-finance. Before starting his PhD, Yannick worked as a pre-doctoral fellow at LSE and Princeton University on projects related to wealth taxation and optimal unemployment insurance. Yannick also has two years of experience working in the Monetary and Financial Statistics Division at the European Central Bank where he was responsible for producing and publishing statistics on euro area capital markets.

Currently, Yannick is interested in studying how changes in aggregate uncertainty impact portfolio choice which in turn impacts fluctuations in real variables. Of particular interest are the macroeconomic consequences of sudden flights to quality or prolonged search for yield episodes.

Research Interests
Macroeconomics, Asset Pricing, Macro-Finance

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Centre for Macroeconomics


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Macroeconomics; Asset Pricing; Macro-Finance