Thomas Glinnan

Thomas Glinnan

PhD Candidate in Economics

Department of Economics

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Bengali, English
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Tom is a PhD Student and Teaching Fellow in Econometrics. He is particularly interested in questions of external validity and of the sensitivity of economic models to their assumptions, and has been working to investigate these using Quasi-Bayesian methods. His work aims to create methods which can be practically used by applied researchers in both reduced-form and structural settings, with the view to improve real-world policymaking

Prior to starting the PhD program, he obtained both a BSc (with first class honours) and an MSc (with distinction) in Econometrics and Mathematical Economics from the LSE. He teaches several Econometrics courses at both the undergrad and graduate level

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Econometric Theory

Taisuke Otsu

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Teaching in 2022/23
EC2C1 Econometrics II (Course Manager)
EC402 Econometrics 

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Economic Theory; Econometric Theory