Fabio Bertolotti

Fabio Bertolotti

PhD Candidate in Economics

Department of Economics

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English, Italian
Key Expertise
Macroeconomics, Growth, Innovation

About me

I am extremely enthusiastic about research and innovation, and they absorb a lot of my energies.  My research interests focus on innovation and economic growth. In my research, I have been working on the identification of the impact of specific policies, e.g. the patent term, or institutions on economic agents' incentives to innovate. I try to leverage on these findings to improve our knoweldge of the nature of the R&D and innovation processes, which are also the  focus of other research projects using Italian administrative data on innovators. 

In my free time, I also like to paint and to play basketball. Before starting the PhD, I worked as a macroeconomic researcher in an investment fund and as a basketball coach for children.

Research Interests
Macroeconomics, Growth, Innovation

Ricardo Reis, Xavier Jaravel

Research Centres
Centre for Macroeconomics

EC442: Macroeconomics for MRes

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