Caterina Soto-Vieira

Caterina Soto-Vieira

PhD Candidate in Economics

Department of Economics

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English, Portuguese, Spanish
Key Expertise
Development Economics, Labour Economics, Urban Economics

About me

I am currently researching how expropriation risk is related to labour supply, agricultural production and asset ownership, using a simple theoretical model and a cross country analysis to support with empirical evidence. Relatedly, I'm interested on how the labour market characteristics of countries are related to growth and inequality.  Another part of my research is focused on gender differences on the labour market. In particular, I'm interested in knowing how firms led by women or led by men behave differently when affected by exogenous demand shocks.  Lastly, I have ongoing research on the effect of using technology to improve public safety and police activity. Specifically, I am working on a paper in which we assess the effects of using body worn cameras to reduce excessive use of force by the police, through an experiment led in Brazil.

Research Interests
Development Economics, Labour Economics, Urban Economics

Oriana Bandiera

Research Centre

EC100: Economics A

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