Canishk Naik

Canishk Naik

PhD Candidate in Economics

Department of Economics

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English, German
Key Expertise
Public Economics, Behavioural Economics

About me

Canishk is an MRes/PhD student in the Economics Department. He is currently researching how social housing in the UK should be optimally allocated by councils in order to maximise the welfare of applicants, and whether this optimal policy is robust to applicants’ mistakes and psychological biases. More generally, he is interested in how social insurance and assistance should be provided to maximise societal well-being.

Canishk is also an Economist at The Behaviouralist, a behavioural science research consultancy. He has worked on projects to estimate treatment effects of early childhood education interventions, as well as designed RCTs to study the effect of communications on the take-up of energy efficient home improvements. Canishk completed his BA in Mathematics at the University of Cambridge and has an MSc in Applicable Mathematics from the LSE. 

Research Interests
Public Economics, Behavioural Economics

Johannes Spinnewijn

Research Centre

EC100: Economics A

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