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 Amen Jalal

Amen Jalal

PhD Candidate in Economics

Department of Economics

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English, Hindi, Urdu
Key Expertise
Development economics, Labour economics, Trade

About me

Amen is a PhD student in the Department of Economics. She is affiliated with the Hub for equal representation (HER) and the Economics of Environment and Energy (EEE) Programme at STICERD. She has a Bachelors in economics from Yale University. Before starting the PhD, she worked at the World Bank as a research analyst at the Development Impact Evaluation group and ID4D. She is also a Graduate Student Fellow at CERP, Pakistan.

Amen's ongoing work centres on gender inequality in low income countries, including on female labor force participation, delivery of female cash transfer programs, and violence against women. She is also studying adaptation to environmental challenges faced by developing countries.

Research Interests
Development economics, Labour economics, Trade 

Oriana Bandiera

Research Centre

Teaching in 2022/23
EC1A3: Microeconomics I
EC1B3: Macroeconomics I
PP409: Introduction to Statistics for the Master of Public Policy (MPP)
PP455E: Empirical Methods for Public Policy for Executive Master of Public Administration and Executive MPP students