CFM/LSE Money-Macro Workshop Series

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General information
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Tuesdays at 14:30-16:00


SAL 1.04, 1st Floor Conference Room, Sir Arthur Lewis Building or online where indicated


Dária Turekova 


 Matthias Doepke, Dmitry Mukhin & Jane Olmstead-Rumsey

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CEP/CFM/LSE Money-Macro Workshop Series

Seminars 2021-2022
Information about this year's job market seminars is available via the
Centre for Macroeconomics Seminars pages. 

01 November 2022 Online
A Monetary Policy Asset Pricing Model
Ricardo Caballero, MIT

08 November 2022
Strategic Complementarities in a Dynamic Model of Fintech Adoption 
David Argente, Penn State University 

15 November 2022
Economic Growth and Market Power 
Jaume Ventura, CREI

22 November 2022
Optimal Monetary Policy with Heterogeneous Agents: A Timeless Ramsey Approach
Eduardo Davila, Yale University 

29 November 2022
Nonlinear Pricing and Misallocation
Alessandra Peter, NYU

06 December 2022 32L.1.04
Dynamic Identification Using System Projections and Instrumental Variables
Daniel Lewis, UCL

21 February 2023
Unequal Global Convergence
Elisa Giannone, CREI

28 February 2023
Attention Cycles
Karthik Sastry, Harvard University 

07 March 2023
Data and Market Power
Laura Veldkamp, Columbia Business School 

14 March 2023
Brand Reallocation, Concentration, and Growth 
Liangjie Wu, EIEF

21 March 2023
Pricing Inequality 
Simon Mongey, University of Chicago

28 March 2023
The End of Privilege: A Re-examination of the Net Foreign Asset Position of the United States
Andy Atkeson, UCLA

02 May 2023
On the Efficiency of Competitive Equilibria with Pandemics
Varadarajan Chari, University of Minnesota

09 May 2023
Population and Welfare: The Greatest Good for the Greatest Number
Pete Klenow, Standford University 

16 May 2023
Micro Risks and (Robust) Pareto Improving Policies 
Crisitina Arellano, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis

23 May 20223
Land Property Rights, Financial Frictions and Resource Allocation in Developing Countries
Kristina Manysheva, Princeton University

30 May 2023
Investment, Innovations, and Financial Frictions
Thomas Winberry, Wharton, University of Pennsylvania 

06 June 2023
Who should work how much?
Per Krusell, IIES

13 June 2023
Induced Automation: Evidence from Firm-level Patent Data
Morten Olsen, University of Copenhagen