CFM/LSE Money-Macro Workshop Series

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General information
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Tuesdays at 14:30-16:00




Dária Turekova 


 Dr Maarten De Ridder, Dr Dmitry Mukhin & Dr Joe Hazell

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CEP/CFM/LSE Money-Macro Workshop Series

Seminars 2021-2022

Information about this year's job market seminars is available via the Centre of Macroeconomics Seminars pages. 


2 November 2021
Federica Romei, University of Oxford

9 November 2021
Christina Patterson, MIT

16 November 2021
Ralph Luetticke, UCL

23 November 2021
Chen Lian, MIT

30 November 2021
Alex Rodnyanski, University of Cambridge

7 December 2021
Vasco Carvalho, University of Cambridge