CFM/LSE Money-Macro Workshop Series

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General information
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Tuesdays at 14:30-16:00


SAL 1.04, 1st Floor Conference Room, Sir Arthur Lewis Building or online where indicated


Dária Turekova 


Maarten De Ridder, Jonathon Hazell,  Dmitry Mukhin & Jane Olmstead-Rumsey

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Past listings

CEP/CFM/LSE Money-Macro Workshop Series

Seminars 2023-2024
Information about this year's job market seminars is available via the Centre for Macroeconomics Seminars pages. 

31 October 2023
Monetary Policy and Endogenous Financial Crises  
Jordi Gali, CREI

07 November 2023
Job Amenity Shocks and Labor Reallocation
Gianluca Violante, Princeton University 

14 November 2023
Monetary Policy in a Multimarket Economy: The Role of Markups and Adjustment Costs
Marta Morazzoni, UCL

21 November 2023
Micro PPI-Based Real Output Forensics
Timo Boppart, IIES

28 November 2023
Welfare Accounting 
Andreas Schaab, TSE

05 December 2023
Career Choice of Entrepreneurs and the Rise of "Smart" Firms
Marta Prato, Bocconi University

20 February 2024
Manager Pay Inequality and Market Power
Jan Eeckhout, UPF

27 February 2024 - Cancelled
How Much Will Global Warming Cool Global Growth?
Valerie Ramey, UCSD

05 March 2024
A Sufficient Statistics Approach to Measuring Forward Looking Welfare
Ariel Burstein, UCLA

12 March 2024
Non-Linear Inflation Dynamics in Menu Cost Economies
Virgiliu Midrigan, NYU

19 March 2024
Innovation Networks and R&D Allocation
Ernest Liu, Princeton University

26 March 2024
Nonlinear Cost Price Dynamics: Firm Level Evidence and Aggregate Consequences
Mark Gentler, New York University

30 April 2024
Some Inference Perils of Imposing a Taylor Rule
Frank Portier, UCL

07 May 2024
Minimum Wages, Efficiency and Welfare
David Berger, Duke University 

14 May 2024
Tax Policy and Investment in a Global Economy 
Gabriel Chodorow-Reich, Harvard University

21 May 2024
Belief Disagreement and Business Cycles
Joao Guerreiro, Northwestern University

28 May 2024
Intangible capital, non-rivalry, and growth
Janice Eberly, Northwestern University

04 June 2024
The Macroeconomic Dynamics of Labor Market Policies
Elena Pastorino, Stanford University

11 June 2024
The A.I. Dilemma: Growth versus Existential Risk
Chad Jones, Stanford University