The Behaviour Group

Project leader: Tom Dickins

The aim of this group is to discuss contemporary issues in the behavioural sciences, broadly conceived to include cognitive science, psychology, economics, behavioural biology and other related disciplines. The principal aim is to think about foundational theoretical issues for the scientific study of behaviour and its causes. In doing this the group supports members to develop expertise in multiple aspects of this diverse field.  

The group meets every other Monday in term time and discusses recent publications or work in progress by the group members. This group emerged from the successful Work In Progress Group that ran for many years within CPNSS and led to a large number of collaborations and the foundation of the European Human Behaviour and Evolution Association (http://ehbea.com/). Members include LSE Faculty and also scholars from other institutions in London with shared interests.  

The group is convened by Tom Dickins.  If you wish to join please contact him on T.Dickins@lse.ac.uk