Professor Miklós Rédei

Professor Miklós Rédei

Professor, CPNSS Project Leader

Department of Philosophy Logic and Scientific Method

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LAK 4.03
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English, Hungarian
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Philosophy of Physics

About me

Miklós Rédei is Professor of Philosophy in the Department of Philosophy, Logic and Scientfic Method at LSE. He specialises in the foundational and philosophical problems of modern physics, especially quantum mechanics and quantum field theory, quantum logic, and theories of probablistic causation. In 2013, along with Gábor Hofer-Szabó and László E. Szabó, Miklós published The Principle of the Common Cause. This book gives a technically detailed analysis of the common cause principle: the claim that every correlation is either due to a direct causal effect linking the correlated entities or is brought about by a third factor, a so-called common cause. Another of Miklós’s interests concerns John von Neumann and his work on the foundations of physics. As well as co-editing John von Neumann and the Foundations of Quantum Physics, he has edited a collection of von Neumann’s letters for the American Mathematical Society’s John von Neumann: Selected Letters.


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Foundational and Philosophical Problems of Modern Physics; Quantum Logic; General Issues in Philosophy of Science