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The Philosophers: Moritz Schlick

Hosted by the Forum for Philosophy

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Dr David Edmonds

Dr David Edmonds

Professor Maria Carla Galavotti

Professor Maria Carla Galavotti

Professor Cheryl Misak

Professor Cheryl Misak


Dr Jonathan Birch

Dr Jonathan Birch

Moritz Schlick was the informal leader of the Vienna Circle, a group of philosophers, mathematicians, and logicians who exerted huge influence on the course of twentieth-century philosophy. While not as well known as some other members of the Circle, Schlick was nonetheless producing important work that ranged from the philosophy of physics and art to ethics and epistemology. The Vienna Circle believed scientific philosophy could help stem the rise of fascism, putting them at odds with prevailing attitudes and, in 1936, this resulted in Schlick’s murder. We explore his work, his role in the Vienna Circle, and what might have been had Schlick lived longer.

Meet our speakers and chair

David Edmonds (@davidedmonds100) is the author of The Murder of Professor Schlick and Distinguished Research Fellow, Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics.

Maria Carla Galavotti is Emerita Professor of Philosophy of Science, University of Bologna.

Cheryl Misak (@MisakCheryl) is Professor of Philosophy, University of Toronto.

Jonathan Birch (@BirchLSE) is Associate Professor of Philosophy, LSE.

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