English Language & Culture for Business

A mirroring short programme of CLCB (Chinese Language & Culture for Business)

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English Language and Culture for Business (ELCB) is an exciting new initiative that aims to provide Chinese speakers a unique opportunity to explore and understand the British culture and society at LSE - one of the most prestigious and global universities in the world. ELCB is designed as a mirroring programme of Chinese Language and Culture for Business (CLCB), a flagship executive programme for Chinese learners which focuses on effective communication with China in the business context. Currently, ELCB is delivered to our partner university, Tsinghua University, as a model programme. This model can be customised for individual organisations based on their specific requests.

Programme overview

Day 1, the programme will provide a good foundation of how power and influence works in the British society by reviewing its history and political constitution. It will start with a tour around campus and end with a warm welcome reception.

Day 2, the programme is dedicated to let participants understand the UK educational system, its standard and selection criteria, ranging from schools to top universities.

Day 3, the programme focuses on London as the world financial centre. It also brings academic excellence of LSE. In the afternoon, a tour to the financial centre will enable a real experience of working in such global city as London and the new concept of working space and culture.

Day 4, participants will have a full day experience with a member of royal family off site and immerse yourself in the lifestyle and culture root of being royal. 

Day 5, the programme ends with exploring investment opportunities in London, possible company visit, and most importantly a graduation in the House of Lords. The journey will end with a celebration meal in China Town. 

Programme dates

The 2019 dates for ELCB are currently set to be 02-06 November (subject to change).


ELCB is a small-group, intensive programme with bespoke elements. If your organisation would like to have a similar programme or a tailor-made programme based on this model, please feel free to contact us at confucius.business@lse.ac.uk.