Dr Will Venters

Assistant Professor of Information Systems at the Department of Management

Will Venters

Dr Venters has an international reputation for his research into digital infrastructure coordination, digital platforms, digital ecosystems and Cloud Computing, and in agile systems development. He has researched global distributed systems in organisations including government related, the construction industry, financial services, health, and among particle physicists at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN.

He speaks regularly, often as keynote, at practitioner conferences on various digital business issues; has briefed government policy makers and various company executives; and has undertaken consultancy in IT strategy, skills and development.

Dr Venters holds a first-class degree in computer science and a PhD in information systems. His research work has been published in major refereed journals including MIS Quarterly, Journal of Information Technology, the Journal of Management Studies, and the Information Systems Journal and he co-authored the Palgrave book Moving to the Cloud Corporation. He is the author of a blog on digital technology www.binaryblurring.com and is an associate editor of the Journal Information Technology and People.

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Expertise: digital innovation; digital platforms; cloud computing; digital interfaces and ecosystems; business agility; artificial intelligence within business; digital systems development

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