Dr Max Fras

Visiting Fellow at the European Institute

Max Fras

Dr Max Fras is a policy advisor and researcher specialising in civil society, education and youth policy.

He has over fifteen years of professional experience in policy analysis, research, evaluation and strategic planning in international development and public policy.  

Dr Fras holds a PhD in social sciences and extensive experience in high-profile research and evaluation work, including research design, data collection and analysis, application of qualitative and quantitative methodologies, as well as policy work for international organisations.

Dr Fras is also an experienced event speaker, facilitator and trainer with ample experience in presenting to demanding, high-profile audiences.

Between 2009 and 2022, he worked for a number of policy, research and evaluation projects and programmes for international organisations including:

  • European Union (youth and social policy, development education, employment)
  • USAID (rule of law and judicial reform),
  • GIZ (employment policy),
  • UNDP (social policy),
  • UNESCO (youth and intercultural dialogue),
  • British Council (youth research, education, employment and skills, youth engagement)
  • Council of Europe (democratisation, rule of law and human rights).

Dr Fras provided high-level policy advice and assistance in policy development to governments of Albania, Georgia and Ukraine as well as to international organisations.

His geographical expertise covers Europe and its neighbourhood (notably East and South-East Europe and the South Caucasus), Eurasia, the Middle East and Africa.

Dr Fras speaks native Polish, fluent English and Russian and intermediate French and German.

EU foreign policy; EU development policy; EU enlargement; Eastern Europe; South Caucasus; Eastern Partnership; Western Balkans; Middle East; Africa; education; youth; youth policy; civil society; research policy; human rights; Council of Europe; United Nations. 

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