Next Generation - What We Know Briefs

May 2022

Next Gen - What We Know Briefs

As part of the British Council's Next Generation research programme, three What We Know briefs bring together insights from recent reports to examine the global attitudes that young people have on Education and Skills, Local and Global Challenges, and Youth Voice (Political and Civic Engagement).

The What We Know briefs are based on a review and analysis of the latest Next Generation reports and include:

  • desk research/literature review on the current global youth policy and strategy context relevant to the three identified Next Generation topics above
  • case studies of British Council and external policy and programming relevant to the three core Next Generation areas (understanding youth attitudes and aspirations, amplifying youth voice and supporting better youth policy-making)
  • reflections from three What We Know workshops that were carried out in March 2022 with a range of young people, youth organisations and policymakers to discuss the findings, current practices and opportunities for action.

About Next Generation

Next Generation is a global research programme that analyses the conditions that support young people to reach their potential as fulfilled, productive and active citizens. Next Generation research examines young people’s views around education, employment and lifestyle.

It also uncovers their hopes for their country, their degree of international engagement and views on the wider world, and the values that affect their lives. It aims to ensure that young people’s voices are heard and their interests properly represented in policy decisions that will have lasting implications for their lives.

Client: British Council

Authors: Matt Cresswell, Max Fras, Elisabet Vives and Amy White

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Next Generation - Youth Voice

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Next Generation - Local and Global Challenges

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Next Generation - Education and Skills

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