Research at the Behavioural Lab

The LSE Behavioural Lab facilitates world-class behavioural research by providing state-of-the-art facilities for researchers in Central London for LSE academics, students, and external partners.

In line with the LSE mottos “to know the causes of things” “for the betterment of society”, we engage with researchers and organizations, globally, who are motivated to improve the world through better understanding of human behaviour.

Researchers have used the Lab to examine behaviour in various fields, such as behavioural economics, psychology, judgment and decision making, management, marketing, organisational behaviour, team dynamics, leadership, creativity, consumer choice, behavioural public policy, and behavioural game theory.

Research conducted at the LSE Behavioural Lab has been published in numerous leading scientific journals such as: Nature, Science Advances, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, The Lancet, Management Science, Journal of Behavioural Decision Making, Journal of Experimental Psychology, Annual Review of Psychology, Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, Social Psychological and Personality Science, Journal of Economic Behaviour and Organization, Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, Journal of Economic Psychology, Risk Analysis, Scientific Reports, Social Science and Medicine, International Economic Review, Journal of Environmental Psychology, Journal of Health Economics, Medical Decision Making, Health Economics, and Behavioural Public Policy. Research at the lab has received support for more than 20M from a variety of funders such as the European Commission and the ESRC.

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