Dr Tobias Eule

Dr Tobias Eule

Postdoctoral fellow

Department of Anthropology

About me

Dr. Tobias Eule works on the relationship between the state and vulnerable populations from an interdisciplinary perspective. He is currently researching government responses to irregular migration in the Schengen Area and the role of legal advice in the interactions between individuals and the state. After attaining a BSc in Sociology from the LSE, Tobias moved to Cambridge for an MPhil and PhD, which he successfully submitted and defended in December 2011. For his doctorate, he conducted a multi-sited ethnography in four different German government institutions, for which he received the “Toby Jackman Prize for the most Outstanding Ph.D.” from Cambridge in 2012. A resulting book, Inside Immigration Law, was published in 2014.

In February 2012, Tobias joined the University of Bern as a lecturer at the Institute of Sociology. Since August 2014, he is Assistant Professor for the Sociology of Law at the Faculty of Law in Bern. He teaches courses on the sociology and anthropology of law, social theory, qualitative research methods and migration.

In August 2015, Tobias joined the LSE as international co-investigator on a collaborative ESRC-Project entitled “An ethnography of advice: between market, society and the declining welfare state”, headed by Deborah James. For this, he will analyse the role of legal advisers in immigrants' quest for access to justice, residence and social welfare.

Expertise Details

Law and anthropology; the state; migration; human rights; social history