Meet the Anthropologist

Our first-year students did a group project, reading an article by an LSE anthropologist and then interviewing that person. These wonderfully informative and impactful posters are the result; part of a work in progress as we await further submissions. We welcome these new researchers to the ranks of the department and look forward to their future contributions! View the posters here.

Laura Bear – by Shana Holmes, Annis Popovski-Smith, Jinglan Yao, Claudia Chen, Minami Yashiki
Alpa Shah – by Sehar Vedi, Hassan Kazmi, Flora Cooknell, Francisco Marques-Guedes
Deborah James – by Karoline Hansen, Rachel Ponting, Andriana Boukaouri-Giannouli, Sofia Cicolecchia, Man Yin Wu
Gisa Weszkalnys – by Seren Watson-Hughes, Julia Kuniewicz, Fatima Hussain, Ronit Anand
Yazan Doughan – by Ariana Saettone, Eiman Shahin, Jude Heneidi, Michael Zachariou, Adam Zoromba
Hans Steinmuller – by Ana-Sara Avromescu, Maria Soares, Bukky Olaide
Fenella Cannell – by Lara Arencibia Pender, Amina J'Bari, Anushka Patel, Tara Ryall, Natalie Short