Convent Calling!

A virtual performance of verbatim theatre, traditional dance, and audience participation exploring the lives of Indonesian nuns and how we all can build new worlds together

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The pandemic launched us all into a new world: suddenly living in intimate quarters with a few other people, trying to reconstruct a good life together despite the daily friction of personal differences. For Indonesian nuns, such a situation is not an exception but a way of life.

This virtual theatre and dance performance offers a glimpse into their world, including the cultural, moral, and emotional challenges of pursuing a good life together. Built entirely from interviews with Indonesian nuns and augmented by audience members' own stories, this performance experiments with drama as a way to bridge distant people, see from new perspectives, and build new worlds together.

Come and join us: discover what drives women to become nuns, laugh with them as they use drama to overcome their differences, find out what it's like to have your own words written into a play, and add your own experiences to that most human of stories: building a good life in the company of others.

Investigating the lives of Indonesian nuns: a Q&A with Meghan Rose Donnelly